Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Los Angeles Mayor ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA: Are YOU Covering Up FRAUD Relating To Your HOLLAND PARTNERS Dealings?

[PICTURED: The guy's got a lot on his mind. He KNEW Zuma Dogg was in the first row, with a camera. SOMETHING SEEMS TO BE WEIGHING HEAVY! "HOLLAND PARTNERS?"]

Just wanted to send a message to Villaraigosa: Zuma Dogg is STILL unsettled on my FEDERAL LAWSUIT that I beat Carmen Trutanich on...and I am getting crankier by the hour. So, just wanted to let the cartel's Kingpin (YOU, Antonio), that the PEOPLES' KINGPING (ME), knows AAAAAAAAAAAALLLL about Holland Partners. (Getting a little nervous, NOW, Brutha?) Wait till I lay in on Number Uno, L.A. produce industry insurance fraud and money laundering. ZD HAS A RIVER OF INFO THAT GOES DEEP, MY MAN! It's just a matter of ZD having to get NUTTY ENOUGH that he is willing to post it. AND I WANTED TO BE SETTLED AND DONE WITH POLITICAL BLOGGING...but Trutanich & Rosendahl keep me blogging...SO KEEP READING ANTONIO!

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