Monday, January 30, 2012

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Carmen Trutanich and the "Fast & Furious" Factions That RUN Los Angeles City...BETTER READ THIS LETTER, GOING AROUND THE INTERNET: Who is REALLY RUNNING THE CITY, STATE & U.S.A.? [I hope it's not drug cartel money!]

Just when I thought I was out, they suck me back in. Zuma Dogg retired from political blogging on Sunday; then someone sends me the HOTTEST F*CKING EMAIL ON THE CORRUPT FACTIONS RUNNING THE CITY, STATE & FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, from a veteran L.A. City worker. Here is part one.

AND, to anyone who is not happy about the direction of ZD's blogging, L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is HELL BENT on keeping me around as an L.A. City gadfly. (Just ask him or Bill Rosendahl, why.) And as my comedy mentor Jackie Gleason once said, many times, "And awaaaaaaaaay we go!" NO TURNING BACK AFTER I HIT "SEND" BUTTON ON THIS ONE, BABY!!! (And this was just what the person sent me to ask, "Can I write for your blog." I THINK THEY JUST DID):

Dear ZD,

I am a veteran worker for L.A., and have seen it all. There is so much mob involvement in running L.A.’s sudden new great celebrity surrounded grounds.

From the corrupt government; to the families that run the show in the Downtown real estate biz.

The ones whom prevailed in the real estate business have other "not so clean fronts." I know from their other businesses and the way those businesses invested drug cartel money in a big development, we've been watching for the past 10 years. [ZD: Wonder if those are the "asbestos" lofts, Andrew Adelman was too close to exposing. Aka: Pension money of Villar's cronies into PROBLEMATIC loft building.]

L.A. lofts were great for downtown, prior to the overpriced market. But, now it seems only the privileged get to lease these properties.

In conversations with personnel from authorities, related to this matter, they say, “you have no idea...if we get the big fish then we would run out of work. We know how to get to them, but, it’s better to keep our mouths shut, so that we can have a good life."

Are these the Feds, that like the other kids on patrols claim, "to serve and protect?”

Don't look for help from the Feds, because these guys are so dedicated to protect the big drug lords, it's not even funny anymore.

Regarding drugs. They'll make busts for pot. But its about meth, ice, coke, etc. Always get the small guy but never get the Lord that lives in Arcadia, Duarte Hills, Temple City, Pacific Palisades, Malibu or the Valley.

The meth addiction is at an all time high, involving all circles of society; and it’s just the matter of what kind of quality drug the yappy kid from the hills can buy next to the homeless. And how sometimes these distinct circles of society end up in the same place buying drugs from the same distributor on 7th and Central, with cops in every corner and no one will say a thing. Why not?

A Reader

[And that was under the subject, "I'd like to write for your blog." Can't wait to see what they had in mind.]

PREVIEW: How bout the Meruelos, and their nexus with (rico rackets). How the produce market is the direct front for the mob, and wondering if the meruelos got involved with this whole thing? Are companies in the L.A. produce market, just fronts for completely different things, involving mob faction from outside the U.S.? Are the teamsters from different locals also influence in all of this. And did a certain "Family" here, move drugs for them since the 60’s through a local family in Montebello? [FYI: Richard Meruelo was Antonio Villaraigosa's #1 contributor of money when he was elected Mayor of Los Angeles in 2005. (Drug money?)]


LOOKS LIKE WE GOT ALL NEW MATERIAL...AND ZD STILL AIN'T SETTLED AND HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN COPY, PASTE and POST, THIS STUFF! Thanks, L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for keeping me in the political blogging business!!! THE MOB LOVES YA!

ALSO FROM TODAY: "An URGENT ALERT From Zuma Dogg" [Overall related matter.]

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