Monday, January 30, 2012

VIDEO ALERT!: An URGENT Message to Los Angeles Residents by L.A. Mayoral Candidate, Zuma Dogg [Re: City Hall Under Herb Wesson As Council President...FBI IS OUR ONLY HOPE!]

IN MY NEARLY SIX YEAR HISTORY AS L.A. BLOGGING-GADFLY, this is the first video with elevated, "URGENT ALERT" warning. (The next level up from, "Citizens' Alert!") YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION, NOW...OR GET OUTTA TOWN!

CITY HALL IS UNDER SIEGE OF RICO RACKET ORCHESTRA, with Los Angeles City Hall Council President Herb Wesson as new conductor, for L.A. Mayor (and long-time, best-friend) Antonio Villaraigosa. THE SWITCHES ARE BEING PULLED!!! YOU NEED TO ACT, NOW!!!


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