Friday, March 16, 2012

Best of Zuma Dogg Videos on (Pt 1): 2000-Present (A DoggPile of Zuma Dogg's Videos!)

NOTE: Problem with the video post was, a lot of the videos on DogPile, are obscure reposts, by other people, on other accounts, and they have ads on them, and it was on big pile of a mess, so here's an embedded playlist, with a bunch of random stuff. If you scroll through, I'm sure you'll find some fun things you missed: Have over 20 hours of "Zuma Dogg Show" material on tape, that has never been posted. Would be nice to get to that, someday. I STILL feel like anyone who only knows me as L.A. gadfly activist, since 2006, doesn't even know me, or why I TRULY AM, the most phenomenal improv legend in human history.

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