Tuesday, March 20, 2012

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg ROCKS City Council Chambers & DOWD/DOGG Getting Under Council's Skin (Zuma Dogg Public Comments w/Matt Dowd=TOO MUCH FOR L.A. City Council, THESE FBI INVESTIGATED DAYS!!!!)

I know it's been a rough ride for L.A. City Council, the past SIX YEARS of Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd, at the City Council meetings, but today, it was CLEARLY more than council can take at this point. WE ARE CLEARLY THE WET FISH, FLAPPING AROUND, GETTING UNDER THEIR SKIN, and TODAY, ESPECIALLY on Mitch "Bitch Dicklander" Englander's little nerves, as he huffed and puffed -- was FLATLY shut down by the City Attorney, and then stormed out the door, like a little spoiled brat, which he is. Then Puffy-Pumpkin-Head-Putz-Paul Koretz had to pop up like a pop tart to pop off at the mouth (FOR MORE THAN 50 WORDS, IN VIOLATION OF THE BROWN ACT) to whine like a confused PUSSY about Mr. Dogg. I'll be back on Wednesday to clarify for you, PUFFY-PUMPKIN-HEAD-POP-UP-LIKE-A-POP-TART-PUTZ-PAUL! AND FIX YOUR POTHOLE CORRIDOR, Aka: YOUR ENTIRE DISTRICT! The Mercedes & BMW drivers are getting pissed, Paul! (AND, you are NOW one the examples for the FEDERAL JUDGE in DOWD/DOGG'S FEDERAL LAWSUIT, of which "Code of Conduct" is yet to be ruled.) It's all in the video, along with the grand finale, blaze of glory exit by Mr. Dowd, at the end of this video:

Mr. Dowd debuted, this week in 2006, followed by Mr. Dogg, 1st week of April 2006. Both are now WINNERS vs TRUTANICH & CITY CLOWNCIL in a FEDERAL SUIT...you are STILL violating our speech (MORE examples for the FEDERAL JUDGE)...and DOWD/DOGG will be delivering THIS type of HEAT, ALL THE WAY THROUGH OCTOBER, when the jury decides how much to award DOWD/DOGG, after 6 years of violations. (And we wanted to settle. But Trutanich has outside counsel at $225-$300, per attorney, plus $125/hr for legal secretary. ALL FOR DOWD/DOGG...PLUS CITY ATTORNEY TIME AND MONEY...and we wanted to settle! OH WELL...SEE YOU FROM NOW, THROUGH OCTOBER!) I LOVE IT!!! I'm running for mayor, and the TV exposure is a nice ancillary benefit. PEOPLE LOVE SEEING A GUY SPEAK THIS TYPE OF TRUTH! I WAS TOLD SO TODAY, BY THE CLERK AT TRADER JOE'S!

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