Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GENIUS STRIKES! "More Than Just Stealing" - Zuma Dogg w/Matt Dowd & Boston (Song About City Council & LAFD Cuts) [NEW HIT SONG, HERE!]

"MORE THAN JUST STEALING" - Zuma Dogg w/Matt Dowd & Boston

I woke up this morning, the money's gone.
Turned on the news, to try to start my day.

But when I saw, what they did at city hall;
I called Matt Dowd, and we drove away.


Hey, Mr. Zuma Dogg, public comment time is on:

It's more than just stealing,
when city council gave the general fund away.

When they begin scheming, (more than just stealing)
Fire cuts means more lives risked, today.

I see Mayor Antonio walking away.

So many businesses, come and gone.
They just can't stay, as the fees get raised.

We need a recall of city hall.
Before the jobs all move away.


When I'm bipolar, and really toast;
I turn on some music, to forget the day.

But then I hear news, of some shady dough,
I call Matt Dowd, and we drove away.

We drove away...


lyrics copyright 2012 zumadogg

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