Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Roast of L.A. City Councilman Rosendahl on TV 35 & General Public Comments for 03-28-12 (OUCH!)

Been saying for a couple weeks, now...the return of Zuma Dogg, to the tag-team of DOWD/DOGG, with FBI NOW INVESTIGATING L.A. City Hall, as WE are there to expose it to a wider audience on their own cameras, mic and TV station, is REALLY getting under L.A. City Council's skin. Last week was VISIBLE cracks, starting to show. And THIS WEEK is WORSE! DOWD is really getting under their skin, in the way he is flappin' around like a wet fish, as we have a LIVE FEDERAL CASE, council is aware of. Dowd got Labong pissed...and HE ran over to Rosendahl. Krekorian can't even stay in his seat, anymore! POPPING UP vs MATT DOWD, TODAY! (Paul, are you JOKING, bro? Did you turn into DUMB TOM LABONG?) Then ZD speaks, and the NEXT councilman runs over to Rosendahl. Then we speak again...and all the councilmembers are buzzing...and Carmen Trutanich is sitting back, laughing, as DOWD/DOWD CAVE IN COUNCIL CHAMBERS ON A THRICE A WEEK BASIS. WE ARE RUNNING CIRCLES AROUND COUNCIL. LA Weekly is working on an article about Rosendope's DUMB, overly-emotional (loose cannon), POP-OFF AT THE MOUTH to Rick Orlov/Daily News, on Bill's idea to have Trutanich try to craft something to "limit/restrict" public comment testimony. SO HERE IS ZD'S "ROSENDAHL ROAST!" Followed by 5 more BONUS minutes of municipal hell. AND, MAKE NO MISTAKE....DOWD/DOGG ARE TICKLED BY IT ALL...WE HAVE A BLAST, DOING THE RECAPS ON THE WAY BACK TO THE BEACH, AFTER THE MEETING. Circles, Jerry...CIRCLES!

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