Saturday, March 3, 2012

KOREATOWN/BRIBETOWN=SHAKEDOWN!: The DOTS are CONNECTING on Sam In, Bribes, Koreatown, Herb Wesson, His Deputy Bribe Collector, Building & Safety and FBI (All Under Carmen Trutanich's Nose) #Redistricting

THANKS TO MAYOR SAM'S SCOTT JOHNSON for calling to add information to the Exhibit "A" memo, I embedded into a blog post, earlier today, regarding Koreatown redistricting hearings. He tipped me to the February 1, 2012 hearing, and told me to watch the video on the city website. We did some additional "thinking aloud," on this matter, and a few dot were sadly connected. (Sad, if you are the dots being connected.) 

HERE IS AN EMAIL I PREPARED TO SEND TO SOME, CONFIDENTIALLY...but we know I burnt out that filter a while ago, so I'll just post it here, courtesy of MEYERS-NAVE! (Keeping an L.A. gadfly in the "hang around" mode....ALL YEAR LONG!!!! This was just a little side thing, I whipped up, on a Saturday Night. And, I hope YOU have a nice one, Herb & Associated FBI Investigated Cronies!)

Dear (Blank)

Please keep this info confidential, for now, but YOU know, Uncle Zoomie is L.A.'s political KINGPIN! I was speaking with a fellow blogger, about the Exhibit "A" memo, and he told me to watch the Feb 1st hearing where the allegations were made on Michael Bai. ZD...BEING a KINGPIN, never has to go far, to find further depth of information. And, of course, this was no exception. It should also be noted, that information is a hard thing to conceal, in the public consciousness; because by the time information makes it to the FBI, it usually has made it's rounds around the community, first. AND, if you are a TRUE KINGPIN, you ALWAYS know what the FBI knows! (Otherwise, can't call yourself a Kingpin.) SO I CAN TELL YOU, HERE IS A TRANSCRIPT OF WHAT THE FBI HEARD ON THIS MATTER:

"There are also widespread allegations of Wesson's Michael Bai using strong-arm tactics with Korean businesses, such as deny permits to businesses that do not give him a kick-back, him walking out on dinners without paying, and him blackballing certain non-profit groups from funding.  But these folks will not speak up publicly because of fear of retaliation from Wesson

ZD'S FOLLOW UP ANALYSIS ON THAT QUOTE: Regarding allegations made against Herb Wesson deputy, Michael Bai, this was brought to my attention, via email, from a member of the community. It is my belief, that Bai, is the bribe collector for Sam In (of Building & Safety Connected Kingpin fame, who was questioned by FBI, before two B&S inspectors were busted, for taking bribes, by FBI. Sam In, then went to work for Huizar and related cronies in CD 14, AFTER the FBI scandal. In must REALLY be connected and after 40 years in the L.A. Building & Safety racket, must be a lot bigger and more powerful than Wesson or Huizar. It has been brought to my attention, that D.C. does NOT fly in special agents, from out of town, to bust two building inspectors. I was told, 40+ inspectors are on video, taking bribes, in a systematic code of bribe enforcement, in the Building & Safety Dept of Los Angeles. And it will most likely be revealed, that Sam In has been running the RICO racket. And Bai, was probably Sam In's bribe collector for CD 10, of which Sam worked ENTIRELY for the district. (In was a B&S inspector who worked EXCLUSIVELY in and for Herb Wesson's district, which was highly irregular to have ONE inspector, EXCLUSIVELY for the district. (Allows control to systematically accept bribes.) Here is what was sent to me regarding what the public comment speaker said at the February 1, 2012 Redistricting hearing, when you asked if the allegations could be substantiated. Not that this memo does, but it can help provide background details as to what may have been happening; and backs up what was said, two years later, in Feb/2012. 




Please see the attached reports, written by a student several months ago.

Report 1 shows proof of $6.9 million of Wilshire Center Koreatown TIF funds that were shifted to pet projects in Mid-City - itemized list on page 14.

Report 2, written shortly after Report 1 shows an additional $1.8 million.

His desire to merge the two project areas has resulted in a $50 million unprogrammed excess (FY 2010-11) in the Wilshire Center Koreatown project area.  He is essentially waiting for the merger so he can use those funds in Mid-City.  As you know, California Community Redevelopment Law mandates that TIF funds are spend in the project areas that generate the revenue.  But what he has been doing is borderline criminal, using the "Findings of Benefit" process to move funds out of Koreatown.  The two reports provide evidence that the Findings of Benefit justifications that he and his staff have used, have been inaccurate, incomplete, and often deceiving.

He is, or has, recently released a press statement that the merger "as of now" is not going to happen.  This is political-speak, meaning that after the election, he will likely resume the merger effort and/or continue his Findings of Benefit scheme to channel funds to his developer friends (like Mid-town Crossing).

Michelle Bank-Ordone, the CRA project manager for WCK is completely supporting his efforts.  She has not provided the community with a 2010-2011 itemized budget for WCK planned investments, and will not respond to questions about why the $50 million has not been programmed.  She claims it has been programmed, by "verbal" commitments (which means Wesson is telling her what to do with the money) and she will not elaborate.  She has also been unresponsive to the neighboring Council Offices (CD4, 13, and 1) which all get a very small piece of the TIF funds for investing (WCK is split up into 4 CDs).  She needs to be re-assigned, there is too much conflict of interest, she does not listen to the CAC, and is totally unresponsive about the planned use of public funds.


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