Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Los Angeles Fire Union's Pat McOskar Addresses L.A. City Council on EMS SERVICE CUTS -- Followed by Zuma Dogg [Public Comments for 03-27-12]

For the first time, ever, Zuma Dogg is turning the spotlight over, at the BEGINNING of the video, to Pat McOskar, President, United Firefighters of Los Angeles City (UFLAC) -- at the FRONT of Zuma Dogg's Public Comment Video Update for today. And I am comfortable doing so, because it is a most compelling story being told by the LAFD union rep, about an even in Paul Koretz's district, over the weekend. And the compassionate public comment, given to council, really highlights the tragedy, that all of this, over BLATANT and IRREPARABLE FRUAD, WASTE, ABUSE, CORRUPTION and HISTORIC MIS-MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS, LEADING TO IT ALL! Followed by Zuma Dogg, who threw the script on the floor, to further discuss this tragedy of municipal governance. (AND PERRY/GARCETTI/GREUEL/ZINE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE, FOR HIGHER OFFICE! (THEY MUST BE HIGH?) DOWD/DOGG HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE COMFORTABLE, AND AT EASE, KNOCKING HARDBALLS, INTO THE FACE OF COUNCIL, ON LIVE TV...RE-REPLAYED THREE MORE TIMES, FOR A TOTAL OF FOUR AIRINGS PER COMMENT. Here's ZD round from today. This is how it's gonna be ALL thru October, AT LEAST...as Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd are forced to fight for their rights, while awaiting October trial, for a jury to decide an amount, for a lawsuit we already won. And if you've been reading my tweets, I've been TELLING you, DOWD/DOGG WAY under council's skin, since the return of DOGG to the tag team! (They thought I was DEAD AND BURiED...but back BETTER AND MORE EXPLOSIVE THAN EVER...on heels of FBI investigations, that ZD doesn't feel gets enough coverage. AND NOW...not only does ZD speak on Building & Safety agenda items...Matt has joined ZD, as has Mr. Harold...and Miriam, Donna, Rick in Van Nuys. So, looks like ZD put it on the daily agenda radar. SEE YOU WEDNESDAY MORNING, WITH A DOCUMENTARY FILM PRODUCER, WHO CAUGHT WIND OF ZD'S RANTS, RECENTLY, AND IS READY TO ROLL! (Wear something camera friendly, council. And Jan, just show up looking good, as you always do. No need to play to the cameras. YOU are ALWAYS camera ready, baby! ; TRUTANICH LOVES HAVING US AROUND!!!! AND NOW, WE GOT A DOCUMENTARY PRODUCER WHO WANTS TO CAPTURE THE ACTION!!! (And it ain't college students, y'all! More on that, later.)


GENIUS STRIKES!: Here's my new hit song, inspired by and based on Pat McOskar's public comment on this matter:

"MORE THAN JUST STEALING" - Zuma Dogg w/Matt Dowd & Boston

I woke up this morning, the money's gone.
Turned on the news, to try to start my day.

But when I saw, what they did at city hall;
I called Matt Dowd, and we drove away.


Hey, Mr. Zuma Dogg, public comment time is on:

It's more than just stealing,
when city council gave the general fund away.

When they begin scheming, (more than just stealing)
Fire cuts means more lives risked, today.

I see Mayor Antonio walking away.

So many businesses, come and gone.
They just can't stay, as the fees get raised.

We need a recall of city hall.
Before the jobs all move away.


When I'm bipolar, and really toast;
I turn on some music, to forget the day.

But then I hear news, of some shady dough,
I call Matt Dowd, and we drove away.

We drove away...


lyrics copyright 2012 zumadogg

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