Thursday, March 22, 2012

VIDEO: FOX 11 NEWS on L.A. Council's NUTTY Radio Speech Resolution (Featuring Zuma Dogg)

Well, like I said during the public comment on Los Angeles City Clouncil's "Resolution" on regulating radio speech, "NOW, you're gonna be national laughing stocks," as now featured in FOX 11 NEWS report of clouncil's foolish incident (ITEM 17 - 03-21-12) -- even NATIONAL TALKER Mark Levin expressed frustrated outrage of the nuttiness. And, of most TRIUMPHANT noteworthiness: For all the GRANDSTANDING of each councilmember, hoping to out-do the other one, to hopefully make it into the segment, of which they were aware the cameras were there for; NONE OF THEIR FOOLISH & WASTEFUL GRANDSTAND SPEECHES WERE USED...only Public Comment LEGENDS, Zuma Dogg & Michael Carreon. EAST & WEST L.A.'s GADFLY TAG-TEAM BAMBOOZLERS vs CLOUNCIL!

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg FULL Public Commment, in full context:

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