Monday, March 12, 2012


[PICTURED: Is this someone and something the government feels they MUST prevent you from seeing on the internet?]

Has  STOLEN 1st Amendment from Zuma Dogg?: Recently, I returned to City Council meetings to expose some pretty serious corruption allegations regarding LA Housing Dept, along the lines of what I sent to you.

Additionally, since it was announced that Villaraigosa is Obama's new DNC puppet (two peas in a pod), I started blogging on my blog ( Aka:, that Obama has been "snookered" (to paraphrase) by L.A.'s RICO mafia, and he APPOINTED THEM AND INVITED THEM INTO THE WHITE HOUSE NOW, with people like Mercedes Marquez as Obama's Housing Chair. (Mercedes is about the same as Tony Sorprano, in my eyes.) 

So anyway...a lot of HEAT FILLED BLOGGING from Zuma Dogg -- and I've noticed, since my illustrious return to TV 35 -- and blog posts of the nature, described above, my blog posts no longer appear on Google search engines. 

You can search "Zuma Dogg" but all that appears are YouTube videos (not my blog) -- and posts on OTHER blogs/websites. MY ENTIRE HISTORY IS WIPED OFF GOOGLE (and whatever other search engines, I haven't even checked, yet.) 

And when I post, it doesn't hit the Google search engines, which always results in a big spike in viewership, when it first hits...and that's what generates the blog momentum.

So, I wonder: Did Obama have someone put the squash on my blog? Who DID? Who could make something like that happen? 

Check it out for yourself.

The ONLY citizen blogger, exposing HARCORE RICO corruption, based on inside info, who has presented it to the FEDS, and blogs about the shady ties between Villar's RICO MAFIA, the cartel money that backed his campaign, and Obama...and it ALL DISAPPEARS??? 

STOP, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down?

Zuma Dogg
2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate 


ZUMA DOGG CONSPIRACY THEORIES ON WHY HE CAN'T SEE HIS BLOG POSTS ON GOOGLE: Dear (Blank), I am a prominent political blogger. Recently, I blogged allegations of serious RICO corruption, regarding Los Angeles City Hall, which relates to the City Attorney Office, as well.

After a six year history of blogging, and a highly viewed blog; with a history of my posts appearing throughout Google searches, my blog posts are no longer appearing on Google search engines. MY SIX YEAR HISTORY HAS DISAPPEARED.

The blog URL is It has been brought to my attention that Google has a contract with L.A. City Hall to provide internet services. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich approves the contracts. It has been suggested, that Trutanich may have used political influence and pressure, to have Google put a filter on my blog posts, preventing them from appearing on Google search engines.

My blogging name is "Zuma-Dogg." If you do a search, you will see one link appear. That is the general blog headline link, to the blog, overall; but the posts do not appear in the search.

OTHER posts about "Zuma-Dogg" on OTHER websites will appear (including,which is another blog of mine, that is not the hot blog, that the City Attorney may be desperate to prevent people from reading.)

Again, my prominence in the city perception is crucial in your consideration. I ran for mayor of L.A. in 2009, and received nearly 10,000 votes, placing 4th of 10 candidates, with NO money spent. I am referred to as a "legend, icon, history, folk-hero, treasure," when it comes to my role in L.A. as being the primary citizen voice, exposing L.A. City Hall corruption.

Is it possible the City Attorney could have arranged to have Google put a filter on my blog, preventing it from being seen by the public, and if not, perhaps you can discern who may have been so nefarious as to break internet laws, in violation of IC3.

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