Monday, March 12, 2012

UNPRECEDENTED Coverage of Carmen Trutanich in Huffington Post [Unprecedentedly BAD!]

DAMN, the tide sure has turned against once admired, Carmen "Nuch The Dooche" Trutanich. Never thought it'd get to THIS point! ZD & JOE FRIDAY TOLD YOU! And, Nuch...ZD told YOU! Sorry it turned out this way, pal.
NUCH, You've come a LONG WAY since Zuma Dogg first presented you to the public, in your first appearance, online, anywhere. Sorry you disgraced me, you clown: And to the public at large, I am truly sorry and apologize and will never endorse or support a candidate,again. Cause you can NEVER underestimate that someone is SUCH a full of sh*t liar, that they will do a 180 turn, the second they win. Hope you don't end up in hot water, yourself, Mr. Top Law Enforcer and BRILLIANT legal strategist? How's your blood pressure, bro? Been quite a week or press. Is it TRUE that ANY publicity is GOOD publicity? You should be STOKED then, CLOWN!
From news headlines like "Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich" to "Carmen the Barbarian," LA has clearly taken a disliking to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. There's even a rumored plane that has been known to fly above downtown with a banner reading: "Nuch is a liar."
So what has he done that is so horrible? We've laid out the man's six biggest mistakes for you below. Each one is accompanied by a video of the one and only so you can judge for yourself.
Trutanich has misstepped more than once in response to social activism, gaining himself a reputation as the enemy of political protestors. 

First, as LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus recounted, Trutanich sought yearlong jail sentences for what he called "professional protestors" in 2010. Then, after Occupy LA was forced from the City Hall lawn, he threatened to sue the activists for recover the city's costs. 

Maddaus wrote:
He also charged 50 demonstrators criminally and offered others lighter sentences if they agreed to sit through a class on the First Amendment. "The goals of Trutanich have stayed the same," says Garrick Ruiz, a protestor charged by the city attorney in 2010, "which is to figure out how he can punish people as strongly as he can for any kind of political activity."

In Jan., Trutanich was accused of unjust punishment again when he sought to slap Dream Act activists with year-long jail sentences, CBS reported. 

In this ABC video, Trutanich said, "Your right to protest ends at the tip of my toes and the tip of my nose." He continued, "It does not give you the absolute freedom to interrupt the lives of the people in L.A."

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