Tuesday, March 13, 2012

READ THIS BLOG: It Appears The U.S. or Local L.A. Government Is Trying To PREVENT You From Reading The Information on CORRUPTION, POSTED HERE! [Recent Blog Posts & STUNNING Videos, Exposing HIGHEST LEVEL of U.S. Corruption, HERE!]

[PICTURED: Man vs money laundering machine. And it's barack obama's breeding ground for appointments & RE-ELECTION SUPPORT!]


  • RT @TotalScam: Apple's handing out 1000 iPads 3s for promotion, visit this profile for details! [They can't ship enough to sell. PROMOTION?] 3 minutes ago
  • RT @philjennerjahn: My Norwalk paperwork went through. I'm on the ballot. Jennerjahn for Congress 2012!![Hooty hoo! I'll move to vote 4 U!] 5 minutes ago
  • My goal as blogger is=UNCOVER/EXPOSE what is NOT being exposed by news. Don't like lack of RT/re-post of MOST ZD's MOST CRUCIAL CITY INFO. 7 minutes ago
  • RT @LATimes Angry Villaraigosa slams firefighter union. [We KNOW Villaraigosa is ANGRY! Did u SEE video of him SCREAMING on stage w Nunez, in college days? YIKES!] 8 minutes ago
  • I'd prefer to walk down Santa Monica Beach bike path, singing like Steve Perry and watch people smile as they walk by, that blog for YOU. 14 minutes ago
  • "ZD, you're a legendary, LOCAL blogger, who's exposed more hard corruption than anyone. WHAT? Govt censored your blog? Let's talk LIMBAUGH!" 18 minutes ago
  • Glad blind/clueless losers who read my political blog have been BLOWN AWAY by ZD's talent. I'm just an improv comedy performer. #LA=LowBar 20 minutes ago
  • A REASON Kate Hudson, Courtney-Coxs-Arquette, STP, Adam Sandler, Emilio Estevez told ZD he's AMAZING, but haven't posted video online, yet. 22 minutes ago
  • The greatest cure for depression, EVER: "The Zuma Dogg TV Show." 20 hours of un-posted footage in my room, on shelf. Need help converting. 27 minutes ago
  • If ONE little thing happens to someone, like cops trying to bamboozle u=ZD WILL GO TO BAT=100%. MY BLOG GETS CENSORED BY GOVT=U STAY SILENT! 34 minutes ago
  • @MayorSam: Point is, appears Govt ran a bamboozle filter on my blog posts and they disappeared off Google AND @MayorSam/others=STAYS SILENT. 37 minutes ago
  • @BIll_RosendahlWait till you wake up and find out I'm DEAD, cause I suffer from EXTREME STATE DIAGNOSED DISABILITY & HEALTH ISSUES, AND YOU PLAY GAMES!41 minutes ago
  • @BIll_Rosendahl It's a BIG FUCKING GAME to U: But, ZD=Breitbart's age. HE is DEAD. HE had MONEY to keep himself alive. MY DEATH=YOUR HANDS! 42 minutes ago
  • All this ZD politics, was just marking time, till L.A. STOPPED violating my rights, but NOW, I'm disabled/they haven't settled. #ZD=DeadSOON 44 minutes ago
  • If you know me, as a political activist/haven't seen at least one "ZD Show" on LA cable TV, you don't know why I'm the greatest genius ever. 51 minutes ago
  • Like creative outlet of producing a daily blog/knowing people like the info. But, not digging disregard for ZD, so I'll balk on politics. about an hour ago
  • Most people don't realize, "Stone In Love," is a lot harder on your Adam's apple to sing, than, "Don't Stop Believing." ZD= Same as Perry. about an hour ago
  • Did L.A. City Council FALSIFY Statistics for New Hollywood Regional Fire Station? (FireGATE…http://t.co/rVCv8TAbabout 5 hours ago
  • I can't afford to be, and have no business, being awake. It's just not necessary. Good night! Time to start sleeping 12 hrs a day to save $. about 6 hours ago
  • I ADMIT: Think there should be more outrage from political watchers that @ZUMADOGG, known for hottest exposure, has been DELETED off Google. about 7 hours ago
  • Local bloggers MUST weigh in on Limbaugh! Hasn't missed a SECOND of air time. My political posts are deleted off Google by Govt=STAY SILENT.about 7 hours ago
  • @mayorsam no, it happened BEFORE your Limbaugh post. No glory in local angle, though. I thought YOU of all people would be less flippant. about 7 hours ago
  • If I'm such am amazing fucking phenomenon everyone thinks is so great, how come I'm always broke and alone. I wish I were dead, right now. about 7 hours ago
  • LAHD RENT ESCROW CZAR ROBERTO ALDALPE: Are U a BIG FAN of Erasure's Andy Bell? He wears a skirt, in concert! YOU like looking up skirts! ;) about 19 hours ago
  • COUNCIL FILE ON $100,000 APPROVED FOR MEYERS-NAVE to RACK UP BIG $$$ on DOWD/DOGG. #Trutanich MORE $ 2 BE NEEDED!http://t.co/tod9WuNiabout 19 hours ago
  • NUCH'S BITTER BEEF COSTS GENERAL FUND $300/hr for Deb Fox (Meyers-Nave), plus THREE other outside attorneys; AND L.A. City Attorneys vs ZD!about 19 hours ago
  • Q: Does City Hall, through city contract they hold over Google's head, have ability to have them filter my posts from search engine/alerts? about 20 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg: Featured by CBS2, NBC4, ABC7, KCAL9, FOX11 News as L.A. City political activist. NOW, my blog posts have been ERASED from Google! about 20 hours ago
  • Oops...forgot to say, "L.A.'s TOP RICO Queen/mafia mouth" is Obama's labor secretary in charge of RICO, Hilda Solis. SO PROUD! about 22 hours ago
  • I can hear L.A.'s TOP RICO queen open mafia mouth to say people "working" at home should count toward job #'s. Babysitters will count.about 22 hours ago
  • Dragnet L.A. Blog Report of L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich/Meyers-Nave Outside Counsel…http://t.co/j9NiYgWSabout 22 hours ago
  • UNPRECEDENTED Coverage of Carmen Trutanich in Huffington Post [http://t.co/kxosRsiZabout 23 hours ago
  • Mr. Dogg, Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Your complaint has been successfully submitted. about 23 hours ago
  • @BarackObama Is L.A. City Attorney is using political influence w Google to "zap" political bloggers' posts off Google?http://t.co/1eiBnilIabout 23 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG CONSPIRACY THEORIES ON WHY HE CAN'T SEE HIS BLOG POSTS ON GOOGLE: Dear (Blank), I am a prominent (cont)http://t.co/1eiBnilIabout 23 hours ago
  • Time to file an inquiry as to why my blog posts are not appearing online, HERE:http://t.co/Dj2Pp3REGoogle has contract w L.A./NUCH. 1 day ago
  • I know Trutanich gave Google a BIG city contract. Wonder if he could have Google make my posts disappear, since they did. Better go to IC3. 1 day ago
  • @LATSteveLopez: Wonder WHO put filter on my blog, so posts do not appear on Google engine? Search for a ZD blog post! #Obama=out of control? 1 day ago
  • ALERT: Hope it bothers you SOMEONE (GOVT?) put a filter on ONLY blog exposing L.A. City Hall RICO corruption, so YOU can't see it on Google. 1 day ago

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