Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg & City Attorney Have Legal Discussion Over ZD's Use of Acronym for New Group, "Fundamental Knowledge of Constitutional Knowledge" (Otherwise known as "FUCK")

FYI, IN CASE YOU WONDER: No biggie, but, Zuma Dogg's blog is about to get cut off, cause I can't cover expenses, and didn't get a donation to cover cost, to prevent service cut off. Will allow me more time off, away from blogging, I guess.

DOWD/DOGG PRESENT "FUCK" (Fundamental Understanding of Constitutional Knowledge):

Housing and Urban Development goes by the acronym HUD.

Housing Authority of City of Los Angeles goes by HACLA.

Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd, in response to CONSTANT interruptions, cut offs, ejections and bans; during our public comments, in what we believe to be FUNDAMENTAL violations of the CONSTITUTION, in which the council president and city attorney seems to have no KNOWLEDGE and/or UNDERSTANDING of; we created a 1st Amendment coalition called, "Fundamental Understanding of Constitutional Knowledge" (going by the acronym "FUCK"), toward the goal of educating council and the city attorney, so they can have a good "FUCK."

Zuma Dogg, knowing how City Council does not consider the context of which a word is being spoken (a violation of FUCK), he wanted to notify the city attorney, in council chambers, in advance, that the acronym would be used, and it is not a disruption to anyone, and the acronym is allowed to be used, in a public forum, in that context.

The city attorney did not agree.

Zuma Dogg did not know it, and NEVER would have done this, but Matt Dowd was recording the conversation between ZD and City Attorney. We all know you are allowed to film inside council chambers, if you have a FUCK, so I don't mind posting the video of the discussion. I like it, cause it gives people who watch the council meetings on TV 35, a little bit of the type of stuff that goes on behind the scenes of the DOWD/DOGG show (Aka: L.A. City Clowncil Meeting.)

FYI: Due to the chilling effect of the warning of the city attorney, I simply said, "Fundamental Understanding of Constitutional Knowledge," to identify my group, for now, cause I couldn't risk losing my public comment time. But, I am going to start saying it, when council returns from vacation, or conference or junket, or whatever it is. (Back in session Fri., March 16, 2012.)

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