Thursday, March 8, 2012

Donate to Zuma Dogg & LA Daily Blog, NOW!

See link of right hand side of this blog and donate to Zuma Dogg for his efforts that you are well aware of. It's about to all come crashing down, sad to say. Maybe you can help prevent that, today. Once I delete my blog, it's gone forever. And I think I have to kill the beast that costs me to much to feed. Copy and paste what you need, now. Cause I know my blog readers, and they are lazy, do nothing freeloaders and I ain't gonna get a donation, and will end up deleting my blog, over it. So be it! We'll see what happens. I'm sure YOU'LL just sit back and hope someone else donates to keep my effort on track and with momentum. And that's what EVERYONE will do, so ZD will be deleting his blog and spending ALL his time at the beach, wishing he had a platform that he could sustain. But he can't do it without any help, from you. So get ready for "Zuma Dogg, the bipolar-schitozphrenia alert era." Cause it's coming back, FAST! And everything I worked hard building back up, this past month, can get torn right back down, and then some. If I'm just simply DEAD, I don't have to worry about sustaining this. Maybe THAT'S the answer, today.

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