Monday, April 16, 2012

Zuma Dogg To Become CITY CONTROLLER via PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST, Hear Zuma Dogg on Peter Tilden/KABC-790, ZD's Letter to Editor PUBLISHED in L.A.Times & Tweets for 04-17-12 [A LOT TO CATCH UP ON!]

If you read the posts below this one, you will see that ZD is getting CRANKY asking the SAME questions about Los Angeles Housing Department, Rent Escrow and Building & Safety, when it comes to illegally citing and fining property owners, who home people, as City of L.A. PRETENDS they CARE about keeping people in homes. Zuma Dogg feels there is evidence to the contrary, and will be filing a Public Records Request in City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's office on Tuesday (04-17-12). The request will include, "Any and all writings evidencing property owners that have been cited by LA Housing Department, for Building and Safety Department code violations, over the past three years," along with seven (7) other questions to help me support my argument that the city has been illegally seizing properties (people homes and apartment buildings) that house people, as they grandstand for the cameras how hard they are trying to keep people in homes. UPDATE: A lot of new content in the ZD video department. See embedded widget on right hand column of this blog. That's where all new updates will be posted, with new video, on top. THANKS TO L.A. RADIO LEGEND PETER TILDEN (790-KABC/9p-12m) for a nice segment with ZD, following L.A. Councilman Dennis Zine's segment on the show. ZD had some fun at Dennis's expense, but I saw Denny in chambers the next day, and he was just happy I said he is, "affable and a hard guy to hate." So ONE BIG FUN BUNCH! Here's ZD's FIRST call into Peter's show. ZD & TILDEN. FASTEST RADIO SEGMENT IN HISTORY.


AND FINALLY, thanks to Gene Simmons for backing vocals on the "SHUT UP...SIT DOWN," on the new political smash rocker, "L.A. Broke City" - KISS (w/Zuma Dogg):


ZumaDogg#TRUTANICH: GET READY, ZD becomes City Controller=Tues. Gonna drop off PubRecRequest. I need to see past 3 yrs of LAHD/Build&Safety records.
Mon Apr 16 - 9:41:49 pm
ZumaDoggThanks to smart & wonderful 12 mid curfew of Trutanbitch/Rosendope, instead of homeless at beach, now all over Venice streets. #Occupiers
Mon Apr 16 - 9:15:58 pm
ZumaDoggZD may be a legend'Icon, with more momentum, than ever, but he's also a quarter short to get one item at .99 Cent Store. Council not likely.
Mon Apr 16 - 8:40:13 pm
ZumaDogg@Bill_Rosendahl: If U don't like CAO solutions/options presented to you, NOW, SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ZD, past 6 yrs, DUMB-ASS, LOSER!
Mon Apr 16 - 4:20:31 pm
ZumaDoggWhen @Bill_Rosendahl criticizes CAO over idea, doesn't Rosendope know he has ZERO credibility with ANYONE in L.A.? His "Yes" votes=disaster!
Mon Apr 16 - 4:17:25 pm
ZumaDogg@lacityworkers @LAFD A good idea, if @Bill_Rosendahl is OUTRAGED by it. He represents wrong side of City interests. His votes created mess.
Mon Apr 16 - 4:15:52 pm
ZumaDogg@LATIMES article on Villaraigosa and budget DEAD END WALL he created. DAILY NEWS on TRUTANICH/DA:
Mon Apr 16 - 4:13:36 pm
ZumaDoggMayor Sam linked to a story I did in '07 about a shady charter and how it can be a BIG MONEY BAMBOOZLE=ZD's BEST work:
Mon Apr 16 - 1:57:37 pm
ZumaDoggCouncil Prez Wesson=It will be NOTHING but business, when ZD reads to you on TV35, his newly crafted PubRecordsRequest on LAHD/Bulid&Safety.
Mon Apr 16 - 1:33:28 pm
ZumaDoggWesson said after public comment, "now let's get to business." IT IS! But, ZD will be even MORE BIZ-MINDED Herb! LAHD/B&S #PubRecordRequest!
Mon Apr 16 - 1:31:31 pm
ZumaDogg"Remastered Remix": 2Pac hologram, performing, LAST NIGHT on stage w Dre & Snoop. If you didn't know he was dead, you'd think he was there.
Mon Apr 16 - 1:29:08 pm
ZumaDoggWe've SEEN future of LIVE concerts. Dr Dre introduces PERFORMING 2Pac hologram @ Coachella. If U don't have Cobain w you, now, why bother.
Mon Apr 16 - 1:05:04 pm
ZumaDoggHas Dr Dre been reading my blog on LA budget? He brought out Sinatra hologram @Coachella to sing, "LA is my lady...kiss the lady goodbye."
Mon Apr 16 - 12:58:55 pm
ZumaDoggHow HILARIOUS hearing a hologram (2Pac @ Coachella) say, "Were in the same place, at the same time." BRING BACK Jim Morrison, Dre!
Mon Apr 16 - 12:39:40 pm
ZumaDoggOMG...OVERWHELMING! Dr. Dre busts out a hologram of 2Pac @ Coachella, bringing him back to life. CHILLS! MOST AMAZING THING, EVER. #YouTube.
Mon Apr 16 - 12:36:38 pm
ZumaDoggHe DESERVES to lose the guitars forever. Tom Petty=5 guitars stolen, including classic Richenbacher. Offers $7500 reward. Try 2 more zeros.
Mon Apr 16 - 11:54:50 am
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg - L.A. City News is out!
Mon Apr 16 - 1:59:53 am
ZumaDoggDre Dre looks GREAT! Sounds GREAT! Snoop=GREAT! LIVE @ Coachella, LIVE online. I can't even TAKE it. BEST THING, EVER! Only ZD could follow.
Sun Apr 15 - 10:58:53 pm
ZumaDoggHEEEEEL NAWWWW: Snoop & Dre LIVE at Coachella on my computer. Opens w Next Episode=start of ZD in 2000. I'm about to faint! Never thought!
Sun Apr 15 - 10:52:07 pm
ZumaDoggR&R Hall of Fame features original handwritten lyrics of classic rock songs. Here's ZD's new song, "L.A. Broke City."
Sun Apr 15 - 10:35:00 pm
ZumaDogg#TRUTANICH: Hey, Knobby-Knees=wait till ZD tap dances all over your face on ACE. ZD won't stop, till you drop. Just getting to know me, pal.
Sun Apr 15 - 10:09:42 pm
ZumaDoggTRUTANICH: Past month of ZD was LAHD/REAP. NEXT WAVE will be ACE.program. Will nail coffin shut on YOU & ACE. WAIT till TV35 audience hears!
Sun Apr 15 - 10:06:54 pm
ZumaDoggTRUTANICH: Now that I've accomplised my goal, so quickly, on LAHD/REAP, time to pull plug on YOU & ACE program. WILL STICK UP YOUR ASS, Pal.
Sun Apr 15 - 9:46:21 pm
ZumaDoggNEW POLITICAL ROCKER ABOUT CITY COUNCIL: KISS w/Zuma Dogg - "L.A. Broke City" NOW POSTED at Thanks to Gene for vocals!
Sun Apr 15 - 9:16:51 pm
ZumaDoggDid Zuma Dogg Put An End To Los Angeles Housing Department ILLEGAL Citing & Fines (CORRUPTION…
Sun Apr 15 - 9:06:59 pm
ZumaDoggVILLAR/WESSON: What is City gonna do NOW that they can't rely on ILLEGAL revenue of LAHD, thanks to ZD's EXPOSURE on TV? Should've settled!
Sun Apr 15 - 8:41:34 pm
ZumaDoggKINGPIN's BIGGEST BLOW: LACity NEEDS LAHD shady revenue by illegally citing/fining property. ZD did NUCH's job by putting END to it, though!
Sun Apr 15 - 8:39:30 pm
ZumaDogg#TRUTANICH wouldn't do his job, so ZD had to do it, FOR HIM! After ZD exposed LAHD illegally citing properties amidst FBI probe=IT STOPPED!
Sun Apr 15 - 8:37:13 pm
ZumaDoggZUMA DOGG REPORTING after wave of public comments EXPOSING LAHD court loss/illegal citing, INSPECTORS HAVE STOPPED CITING! TOO SCARED w FBI!
Sun Apr 15 - 8:35:58 pm
Sun Apr 15 - 8:34:25 pm
ZumaDogg@ConwayShow: LOVED hearing Elton song. HERE'S A CITY HALL POLITICAL ROCKER. KISS w/Zuma Dogg "LA BROKE CITY!" bumper
Sun Apr 15 - 8:33:14 pm
ZumaDoggKISS with ZUMA DOGG -- "LA Broke City" [Remake of "Detroit Rock City" About Public Comment…
Sun Apr 15 - 1:21:42 pm
ZumaDoggQuestions Zuma Dogg Has For Los Angeles Housing Department (THEY WILL BE ANSWERED BY L.A…
Sun Apr 15 - 1:34:11 am
ZumaDoggZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR, CAMPAIGN SLOGAN: You wanted the best, you got the worst, vote for the hottest candidate in the world, ZUMA DOGG!
Sun Apr 15 - 12:13:35 am
ZumaDoggI used "LA Daily Blog" more, cause in '07, "daily," was a bigger deal. But, I can't believe I have OFFICIAL SOUNDING!
Sat Apr 14 - 11:24:02 pm
ZumaDoggLA COUNCIL: ZD on KFI, KABC, @LAWeekly & @LATimes (TWICE) this week, plus RonKaye/MayorSam coverage. How did YOUR media week go? ZD=KINGPIN!
Sat Apr 14 - 11:21:00 pm
ZumaDoggPIC: New silky-smooth face of Zuma Dogg, in preparation of, "Candidate for Mayor" mode in light of recent media blast.
Sat Apr 14 - 10:14:00 pm
ZumaDoggI GOTTA ADMIT: I'm a lot happier that @LATimes published my letter to the editor, than if they hadn't. HOODY HOOO! READ:
Sat Apr 14 - 9:34:35 pm
ZumaDoggKINGPIN STIKES LA COUNCIL: @LATimes publishes ZD's Letter To Editor in SUNDAY OPINON! Was sure to work in "FBI probe!"
Sat Apr 14 - 9:22:03 pm
ZumaDoggLos Angeles Times Publishes ZUMA DOGG & MATT DOWD Letter in Sunday OPINION Section (04-15-12…
Sat Apr 14 - 9:09:40 pm
ZumaDoggTRUTANICH: You hire MEYERS-NAVE as OUTSIDE COUNSEL vs DOWD's Lawsuit #2 to have them BLOW Summary Judgement filing. DOWD did it properly.
Sat Apr 14 - 8:01:54 pm
Sat Apr 14 - 7:59:07 pm
ZumaDogg5 of Tom Petty's guitars were stolen, including famous 12 string Richenbacher. $7500, no questions asked reward. LEFT OUT A FEW ZEROS, TOM!
Sat Apr 14 - 7:52:22 pm
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg 2009 L.A. Mayoral Candidate Interview in @LATimes. As 2013 Candidate, just run it again. STILL ALL TRUE!
Sat Apr 14 - 6:40:50 pm
ZumaDoggAfter 6 years as city hall gadfly, my FIRST question is, "May I see the accounting records of LAHD/Rent Escrow, how many properties siezed?
Sat Apr 14 - 1:35:53 pm
ZumaDogg#TRUTANICH #GREUEL #WESSON: I KNOW you are short staffed, but after 6 yrs asking questions, ZD wants answers. Get ready for PubRecRequests.
Sat Apr 14 - 1:34:19 pm
ZumaDoggZD said he was upping ante and returned to TV35 council meetings in March. Turned City Hall UPSIDE DOWN! NEXT LEVEL of ante, NEXT WEEK. #PRR
Sat Apr 14 - 1:32:18 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON: Since u woudn't let me ask question on Rent Escrow Account (REAP), will ask in form of Public Record Request on Tues. #KINGPIN
Sat Apr 14 - 1:30:08 pm
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg: Public Comment on 1st Amendment, FBI Housing Investigation & MASSIVE MISMANAGEMENT of EMERGENCY GRANT MONEY
Sat Apr 14 - 12:20:52 pm
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg - L.A. City Council Public Comment on 1st Amendment, FBI Housing Dept Investigation…
Sat Apr 14 - 12:16:17 pm
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg - L.A. City News is out!
Sat Apr 14 - 1:59:44 am
ZumaDogg@BernardCPARKS @JanPerry Y'all are NOT allowed to ENJOY/SMILE/LAUGH at ZD's Trutanich/Wesson/Rosie Roast Video. YOU never did nuttin for ZD!
Sat Apr 14 - 1:46:16 am
Sat Apr 14 - 1:26:12 am
ZumaDoggZD KINGPIN MOVE: My good friend @DennisPZine was on Tilden's KABC show. After Dennis, ZD calls in to rain on his PR parade. Sorry, Denny! :)
Sat Apr 14 - 1:18:40 am
ZumaDoggWHAT IF Zuma Dogg gets letter in LA Times SUNDAY EDITORIAL SECTION vs Council. Does THAT qualify as KINGPIN BOP ON COUNCIL'S HEAD? DIZ-OH!
Sat Apr 14 - 1:15:05 am
ZumaDoggROSENDAHL & KORETZ won't even show their faces in chambers during public comment. They must be sitting in back, holding each other in tears.
Sat Apr 14 - 1:10:22 am
ZumaDoggHOW BAD LA CITY HALL WILL BE W NEW BUDGET: Instead of, "wish they'd do something RIGHT," settle for "wish they'd even do something WRONG."
Sat Apr 14 - 12:58:52 am
ZumaDoggDid Councilmembers ADMIT they DO NOT consider public comment & HEAR ZD's COMEDY "Trutainch/Wesson/Rosendahl" Video:
Sat Apr 14 - 12:48:58 am
Sat Apr 14 - 12:38:57 am
ZumaDoggSEEMS like longer: ZD returned to council comment only Feb 29th. Remember, "City lost LAHD court case & FBI probes." SHORT TIME=MORE 2 COME!
Fri Apr 13 - 11:11:43 pm
ZumaDoggOh, by the way, to "nose in air," TV 35 viewers, you can SHOVE your dignity. NOTHING dignified about city corruption, or how to EXPOSE it.
Fri Apr 13 - 10:53:21 pm
ZumaDoggDOWD/DOGG: Booked in L.A. Council chambers, through October, as we await jury trial to award our damages, as Nuch/LA pays our attorney fees.
Fri Apr 13 - 10:51:20 pm
ZumaDoggI TOLD CITY HALL, Trutanich hired outside counsel, rather than settle, so it was "RETURN OF ZD" only Feb 29th. Short time=A LOT of DAMAGE!
Fri Apr 13 - 10:48:10 pm
ZumaDoggCITY HALL: GOTTA admit=When ZD heard Nuch hired outside counsel/no settlement, ZD SAID=KINGPIN WILL UP ANTE/BIG TIME! How's "RETURN OF ZD?"
Fri Apr 13 - 10:44:06 pm
ZumaDoggBIGGEST WEEK in 6 YR HISTORY FOR DOWD/DOGG!: KFI, Weekly, Times, 790 KABC, RKaye/MSam=blogs, 3 televised meetings & SUN LA TIMES EDITORIAL!

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