Saturday, April 21, 2012

NEW: Zuma Dogg Posts Over 100 Public Comment Videos: Watch How HE warned City Council, as they ignored and ejected the ONLY ONE IN THE ROOM WITH ANY CREDIBILITY! [CHECK HISTORY NOW=SEE HISTORICALLY TRAGIC L.A. CITY BUDGET!]

ZUMA DOGG - PUBLIC COMMENT VIDEOS at L.A. City Council Meeting: Watch 150 Public Comments From Zuma Dogg WARNING of the BUDGET PROBLEMS (from 2007-PRESENT) AsWe Confront in 2012-2013:

Over 100 Zuma Dogg public comment videos (from 2007-Present), and highlights of some of the interruptions, cut offs, ejections, bans and overall rights trampling, irrational, nuttiness at

As I was watching these public comments, as I was recording them for YouTube upload, JUST as VILLARAIGOSA & COUNCIL release another (overly-optimistic/not pessimistic enough/fake/phony/unrealistic) budget, you can see I kinda tried to warn them. They called me, "off topic," on a lot of stuff. But, maybe they should have followed the Icon's line of thinking. CLEARLY you can see I am an ALL TIME, PROPHETIC GENIUS, WHO IS ABLE TO ARTICULATE THE ISSUE. (Too late, now!)

EXPERIENCE THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD: The Corruption and Waste That Ended L.A., as told by Zuma Dogg before, during and after it happened. - DAMN, did I tell your asses! And you think ZD is the one without dignity?

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