Monday, January 14, 2013 KEVIN JAMES is NOT only OUTSIDE L.A. Mayoral Candidate: Meet Emanuel Pleitez, who has RAISED MORE CAMPAIGN FUNDING -- AND HAS MORE CAMPAIGN MONEY. AND ZUMA DOGG likes what he see, so far. Check East L.A./Boyle Heights Candidate at

I don't know WHY L.A. City bloggers are saying Kevin James is ONLY outside candidate vs L.A. City Hall insiders Wendy Greuel, Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry (Jan, now even SHE is kinda an outside/grassroots candidate, too.). I caught a tweet by Emanuel Pleitez, and he claims to have out-fund raised studio talk show host Kevin James, past two quarters, and has more money than Kevin (Kevin, whom is outspending his fund raising efforts.) I LIKE what I see on E's website. I like his Boyle Hts/East L.A. flavor. AND, EAST L.A. POLITICAL ACTIVISTS DON'T PLAY, Y'ALL. There ain't no shady Huizar/Villaraigosa district horse (jackass) in the race, so I can see A WHOLE LOTTA FOLKS THROWING THIS GUY ON THEIR SHOULDERS AND CARRYING HIM INTO CITY HALL! Kevin James supporters are ALL him.


Pleitez for City of L.A. Mayor


Mayor to focus on Jobs Education Innovation. Let's . staff-run account. Tweets by Emanuel Pleitez signed Los Angeles · 

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