Thursday, August 7, 2014

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Confirned Amidst His Lies/Stupidity/Abuse of Power...and again, stupidity and lies. (NOT GOOD TRAITS FOR A POLICE CHIEF...BYE-BYE CHARLIE!)

[PICTURED: See you later, BITCH! Now, GET THE FUCC OUT!] Just getting the blog post ready, cause this guy LAPD Chief Charlie Beck appears to be as DUMB as Charlie The Tuna. So, yeah...LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is gonna resign. Abuse of power, being a liar (or senile) -- and a whiny overall crybaby of a confused pussy, doesn't bode well, when L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti already decided a LONG time ago, Villar's puppet aint' Eric's puppet. Eric has his new Chief picked out, already, and I tweeted about it a couple months ago, when I said that a story will be coming out in L.A. Times about discipline issues and the way they were handled by Beck, as a main issue. So, this week the story hit. BUT, BOY...did Beck blow it, on top. He's gonna have to step down, and since he is kinda a dummy, who has TERRIBLE memory problems, and appears to be an "abuse of power/cover it up with lies," liar -- and whiny pussy of a confused's the script, Charlie:

"Although I believe I would have been reconfirmed as police chief, the media and all this hoopla, around my family and child, has caused too great a distraction to the department, and I will be resigning, immediately and handing my Chiefdom over to Grimaldi."

HEY CHARLIE...where were you when I needed some help on the Occupy LA campgrounds, you arrogant schmuck? NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF, AND GET YOUR NEXT GIG IN PALOOKAVILLE, PUNK! 


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  1. Zuma Dogg ‏@ZumaDogg  38s
    Beck reiterated, "he had no say in decision to purchase the horse." (EXCEPT FOR THE FINAL SIGN-OFF! Maybe he had his gun pointed to his head?)
  2. Zuma Dogg ‏@ZumaDogg  4m
    #LAPD #ChiefBitchBeck: "But to say things about my children is unacceptable." She's NOT a child; and the things were said about an LAPD COP.
  3. Zuma Dogg ‏@ZumaDogg  7m
    CHIEF (OF LIES) #CharlieBeck said, Tues, "most troubling has been unsubstantiated allegations." Thank you for substantiating, your CROOK!
  4. Zuma Dogg ‏@ZumaDogg  9m
    (Soon to be FORMER) #LAPD CHIEF DOUCHEBAG #CharlieBeck said, Tues, "I feel I will be vindicated," For a cop, you got LOUSY instincts, bitch.

  5. VOTE!: Gotta wave the flag in support of Jim McDonnell for L.A. County Sheriff. A stunning display of human excellence, no matter what the field. He's running for Sheriff. VOTE 4 HIM!  -

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