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Like newspapers/TV networks/other entertainment mediums, this blog post offers a wide/diverse range of content, within these tweets (music/comedy/politics). It's all stuff of interest to me, throughout the day. Maybe, you'll dig some of these links, too. MAIN PAGE with all music/video players.
  1. HOT! Dance Dirty, Gangsta Party (Snoop/LilJon/2Pac/Dr Dre Style Crew) on STRIPPER POLE Hip-Hop Beat! by
  2. He's setting world on fire=Baraq Husaine Insane Obama. Terrorists w rifles in fatigues=walking single-file across border & now=across Texas.
  3. We interrupt your XBox! THINK ABOUT THIS: If it would concern you=trained/armed/terrorists in fatigues were filing into U.S.=be concerned!
  4. : Destabilizes jobs/economy/health care/border/MidEast/Imports Ebola/allowing TERRORISTS to CROSS BORDER.
  5. WHAT'S HAPPENING, TODAY (08/09)=Baraq Obama is allowing terrorists to file-in across border; so HE can declare when they attack.
  6. While Terrorists file in/w rifles, in fatigues, across Baraq Obama's erased border; tell me, proudly, "I don't WATCH the news!"
  7. While you play X-Box/ pics of cats on , w machine guns, in fatigues, are filing into U.S. 's
  8. This popped up under, "Most Viewed," today, out of no where. The Mind/Body/Spirit/Consciousness/Trippy Stuff. COOL!
  9. (Talk Radio)- (Beats) - ("The Zuma Dogg Show"/Reality Comedy/Politics)
  10. MAIN thing about my blog/took FOREVER: I HATE when you click links and takes you away from site. ALL LINKS=NEW WINDOW
  11. I got about 27 blogs; and 57 YouTube accounts. Kinda hard to find anything. NOW=ONE BLOG w links to everything.
  12. I wanted all my own original content & other content I like (like /) on ONE page. Did it in NEW way!
  13. Zuma Dogg YouTubes/Audio/Blog Posts (and links to things I like to share) were SO scattered across net. NOW=1 page!
  14. Every untested asshole w a YouTube show=TV deals. I got ELECTED OFFICIALS TALKING ABOUT ME ON TV! NO DEAL FOR ZD?:
  15. AUGUST 2014: An article about Zuma Dogg & City of Los Angeles. ! A Tribute To Zuma Dogg!
  16. U.S. HISTORY (See article): ZD's City Hall - "Public Comment" (The History, going down in reality, real time.)
  17. TV/MOVIE SCRIPT by : "Kingpin!": Aaron Sorkin-style script based on ZD's City Hall experience 2006-2012:
  18. I gotta read in L.A. Times, "YouTube Stars Profit Offline" (Getting TV deals). I'm the ALL TIME KING of that shit.
  19. LIKE YOU CARE: I've been having fun ALL SUMMER on SantaMonicaBeach/Bar area performing THESE song, LIVE! The Album
  20. In MY world (all music world) --THIS is my single greatest asset. BEATS ARCHIVE: WISHES! i
  21. I don't LIKE listening to the same CORPORATE music library Pandora/etc is ALLOWED to stream. My CAVIAR player:
  22. (NOT BRAGGING, I didn't producer it.) THE TOP BEAT in this player, "Lord," is what I consider TOP online club beat.
  23. I was nervous, but had fun singing, "Going To California - Zuma Dogg WITH the REAL Jimmy Page/John Paul of LedZep!
  24. My first song ever, from my TB show. Still most people's fave - As U Can See (Original Smash Hit by ZD) on Podomatic.
  25. From 2005: this is biggest ZD must listen, ever! Zuma Dogg Presents Hood Kidz Radio (Part 1) on Podomatic.
  26. Zuma Dogg Sings Led Zep "Immigrant Song" like ME, BITCH! (Except Robert Plant, of course.)

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