Sunday, August 17, 2014

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WELCOME TO (Aka: L.A. Daily Blog - by #ZumaDogg (@ZumaDogg - Got a new domain name, cause though ZD/this blog has been focused (almost entirely) on L.A. City Hall/L.A. City municipal issues (it's function & corruption) -- there are a few issues of noteworthiness, as the national level (like, United States of America is under terror attack by it's elected President, out of the White House Oval Office (and Martha's Vineyard). And Mr. Dogg is of the firm belief, at this date, that ALL NATIONAL POLITICS is LOCAL POLITICS. (The slogan is turned upside down, cause Obama turned the country, of which L.A. is founded upon, upside down.)

ALSO have a new companion blog to, called, -- with talk radio streams & podcasts, to keep abreast of the daily terror, which has already erased the fundamentals of America, which keeps all us safe and secure. America (and hence L.A.) is very UN-SECURE, for the rest of our lives. (If you have children, boy, do I feel sorry for them.

I think within the next year, there will be a MASSIVE SHIFT as to what the DUMB/BRAINWASHED MORONS, collectively known as, "Americans," will be focused upon and spending their time on social media discussing. (WON'T BE STOLEN BIKES & KITTY CATS!)

SO, check back here for all the latest updates by Zuma Dogg.  AND HERE IS CURRENT UPGRADE/REVAMP of (Pop Culture Entertainment -- Home of #ZumaDoggShow on #YouTube -- and TheBeatStream.)

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