Sunday, August 17, 2014 Coming To Venice Beach Boardwalk? Better Read This WARNING! "APOCALYPTIC SCENE" - L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin

[PICTURED: Chart of @MikeBonin's performance as Councilman of Venice]

Thinking of heading to #VeniceBeach boardwalk, today (or this Labor Day Weekend, perish the thought) -- better read THIS! 

HERE is what L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin (Venice District) has to say about Venice Beach, in newspapers/media AND HIS OWN TWITTER!: “I’ve had it with this bullshit. I’m getting a pickup and coming to remove it myself,” Bonin posted on Twitter. “Sick of Venice Boardwalk's apocalyptic scene. I’m livid about the incident and the environment” he tweeted.

[NICE PRESS RELEASE FOR L.A. BOARD OF TOURISM. These words were sent out all over the world -- and syndicated by every news site, across the planet, via, DUMMY! Business must be DESPERATE to flock to these conditions, in City of Los Angeles' "JEWEL." Wonder what the REST of the city looks like? DOH!]


Many Not Happy About Free Wi-Fi In Venice Beach Park

LAWeekly ran a story about free WiFi coming to Venice Beach and six other LA City Parks (Venice Beach, Echo Park, Pershing Square, Cabrillo Beach, Griffith Observatory, and Reseda Park ) as a result of an effort organized by Tom LaBong. The immediate  reaction from many residents as they took to twitter was a resounding, “No WAY!”.
In an area already overrun with transients and thieves, offering free WiFi just seems to further the already over-enabled. “How many times do we need to see people tweet photos of transients sleeping in the park on full sized mattresses, with iPads & smart phones right next to them?.” said Kane Smith who lives near the boardwalk. One step near the basketball courts and you are greeted with large signs warning never to leave anything unattended or it will surely be stolen. Last year a friend of mine lost her phone, and within 15 minutes of dropping it, software had already been installed and calls were being made to Mexico.
The concern is legitimate. With recent concerns over the state of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, lack of LAPD presence and enforcement despite calls and cries from residents… facilitating an area currently crippled with concerns has a few scratching their heads.
Expect the transients & electronics thieves to be residing on a mattress near you in the park, comfortably watching #OITNB on NetFlix in no time. 
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Here's my pop-rock song, about the whole situation, that I would like to perform on Venice Beach Boardwalk; but my elected official/councilperson scared me away, for good. ZD likes to be the only apocalyptic scene on the street.

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