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"KINGPIN" (SCRIPT): REAL LIFE POLITICAL CORRUPTION in Hollywood Script Form: Fictional read=based on REAL LIFE L.A./S.F. POLITICAL CORRUPTION (Real stories/names changed to protect the guilty): "Kingpin" (Based on ZD's City Hall/Gadfly/Investigative 2006-2010 Era) "Kingpin" on EZ Read, Single Blog Page.

ZD MUSIC: Going semi-viral. Steady stream of listen/likes/reposts on #Soundcloud, now. "Get Low (When The Whistle Blows)" [#EDM Classic!] Z-Dogg=fake Lil Jon. LOL! Bang THIS!
Hello, to all I've met, over the years; and new people, checking out, "Zuma Dogg," for the first time. This is my official page, for all ZD content (Music/Comedy/Politics=Pop Culture). Not a flashy page/designed for mobile use; with links to everything (2000-2014).
"The Zuma Dogg Show"
"Brain-seizing artistry, Superstar, Legend, Icon, Brilliant, Heroic, Crusader, Genius, Treasure, Stunned & Amazed, We've never seen anything like him." - L.A. Times/L.A. Weekly/KABC
DEBUT of ZUMA DOGG on Howard Stern #GO BIG!
THEN, all THIS happened! (Aka: "The Zuma Dogg Show")
IMPROMPTU Music Video on Main Street (FUN!!!)
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Zuma Dogg & Arena Icons - Original Hitz Instrumental beats for singers & rappers to create original hits. Also, stream like Pandora.
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