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Hello, to all I've met, over the years; and new people, checking out, "Zuma Dogg," for the first time. This is my official page, for all ZD content (Music/Comedy/Politics=Pop Culture). Not a flashy page/designed for mobile use; with links to everything (2000-2014).
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"KINGPIN" (SCRIPT): REAL LIFE POLITICAL CORRUPTION in Hollywood Script Form: Fictional read=based on REAL LIFE L.A./S.F. POLITICAL CORRUPTION (Real stories/names changed to protect the guilty): "Kingpin" (Based on ZD's City Hall/Gadfly/Investigative 2006-2010 Era) "Kingpin" on EZ Read, Single Blog Page.

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Quality & Productivity (Management): "HOW TO FIX A BROKEN SYSTEM"=Like City Hall/White House/ObamaCare site: READ & SEE VIDEO: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" (VERY World-Class!)

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Here's my call into Mark Levin Show (with guest host Inga Barks) to weigh-in on latest #Obama news, based on most recent #WashingtonPost article, to sound like some Karl Rove kinda Fox News political analysis big shot. (Like #JonStewart, but from logical/non-cultish/non-brainwashed side of the perspective, w a dash of logic/reason/immutable physics of the situation.) FYI: Zuma Dogg fanatics=yeah, I use my gov't (real) name, "Dave," on the radio calls, cause the hosts tend NOT to go to a guy named, "Zuma Dogg, in Venice Beach," for political insights. LOL!

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LEARN ALL about Gov't corruption as it went down in L.A./CA, in Hollywood TV (Sopranos-like) script form: "KINGPIN!"
### : Intro To Gov't Fraud, Waste & Abuse (at the local, municipal level.) Playlist 1: COMPELLING 
YouTube playlist. A collection of public comment videos by L.A. historic, gadfly, Zuma Dogg. 
This summary of "Quality & Productivity Management" was praised by Dr. Ed Deming: How To FIX a Broken (GOV'T) System: 
###  : FEDERAL JUDGE rules; Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of Public:
Learn about municipal fraud, waste & abuse:

A MUST READ FOR GOVERNMENT: This is THE blueprint to FIX a BROKEN (GOV'T) SYSTEM, and is THE ONLY blueprint. We're pretty dug in, on this point...that this IS T-H-E starting point/operation manual for running a business/government/city. A review of Deming's 14 Points: Quality & Productivity (Management): READ & SEE VIDEO: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" (VERY World-Class!)

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