Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Barack Obama & Iran LOSE PUBLIC PERCEPTION Battle on Nuke Plan vs Benjamin Netanyahu & U.S.A. (REACTION VIA TWEETS at HeatPolitics.com)

  1. REMOVE dumb, silly, idealistic, lying, pussy-ass, Muslim-clown, = just sold the world AGAINST / NUKES.
  2. FULL OF SHIT=Iran spokesperson, , sent political hit squad to to defeat . says, "don't politicize." LOL
  3. IT IS FOR ! Whether they decide to prosecute her, or not (they won't) this is most outrageous, shady, breach of public trust.
  4. FORMER DIRECTOR & HERO to plead GUILTY to storing classified info on non classified personal notebook.
  5. .: It is not up to to decide which official business emails to include in Federal record. ?
  6. "I didn't see . I was on a conference call about Ukraine." TRANSLATION="I was watching ESPN Sports Update."
  7. "...to do the right thing," is not appropriate propaganda, cultish talk as White House spokesperson. TOO SUBJECTIVE=DICTATOR'S SOLE OPINION.
  8. LOL='s most recent tweet, from yesterday: "The excuses not to need to end." YANK THIS JACKASS OUTTA OFFICE.
  9. =deeply disturbed, emotionally crippled, dangerously-stubborn, naive, double-speak, liar and MUST be taken out of office.
  10. It's CLEAR that is an anti-American/anti-Israel, PRO-MUSLIM, PRO-IRAN, PRO-ISLAMIC STATE orchestrator. HE WILL DIG IN DEEPER!
  11. The ONLY world leaders one can compare to=propaganda liars like Hitler/Mussolini/Marx. A REAL SCOURGE ON PLANET EARTH=!
  12. IS GOIN DOWN! He's saying didn't offer any viable alternatives and disagrees w methods.
  13. warns not to reveal any details on an Iran deal; THEN says, after, "Bibi didn't offer any viable alternatives"=
  14. exclusive use of personal email account for Sec of State biz WAS a security breach. Emails sent=were hacked/sent to enemy.
  15. : He let know="We will go it alone"=Bibi is NOT letting Iran acquire nukes= can help or SHUT his MOUTH!
  16. Does U.S. President NOT look and sound like Barney Fyfe, compared to Benjamin ? is a silly, sissy-ass bitch.
  17. If you see walking down the street, walk up to him and kick the pussy in the nutz. (Or vagina, like I think he has.)
  18. NEW AMERICAN LEADER EMERGES: U.S.A. sees a leader speak for first time in six years. had em on their feet. OVER FOR MUSLIM OBAMA!
  19. =OFFICIALLY revealed as Islam/Muslim terrorist: 2014= was to attack Iran nuke factory=Obama threatened to SHOOT DOWN JETS!
  20. If you study cult leaders/1930s dictators, sounds like one. "Let's give Iran the benefit of the doubt." His botox went to brain!
  21. NEW MOVIE: : Dr. Frankenstein accidentally lets loose his 3 monkeys with damaged brains/emotions=//
  22. Disgraced, criminal, racist, legacy=Arming Mexican Drug Cartel/FastFurious & LOSING legal fights vs WHITE COPS.
  23. on move/world losing ability to control their free reign. U.S. Military needs to take and throw his Muslim ass in !
  24. by L.A. "legend/icon/brain-seizing/heroic/crusader/brilliant/funny/treasure/superstar." Newspaper/Radio quotes on ZD.
  25. by L.A. "legend/icon/brain-seizing/heroic/crusader/brilliant/funny/treasure/superstar." Newspaper/Radio quotes on ZD.
  26. If were in "3 Stooges" (which he'd HATE cause they were white Jewish men), Barack wouldn't even be Moe=He'd be Curly. DOH

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