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Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg, on LA's Top 2 Issues - Homeless Encampments & Traffic Jams (March 07, 2017 Election) - Yes on Measure S

by David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg

My frustration, as with many other gadfly/bloggers, is that in every public comment/blog post; you wanna cover the entire history of fraud, waste and abuse, every time.

Pension fraud; Building & Safety and Housing Departments; non-profits (and their city hall funding); and overall corruption (of which the category of, "developer money," falls into) are my big picture top hits on the chart.

But, can anyone really think/talk about anything else other than #traffic and #homelessness?

If I were counting 'em down, like Casey Kasem; I'd like to think that homelessness would be the #1 issue with voters. But, based on street talk, I believe; coming in at #1, with a bullet (because it's an upward trend) is traffic (gridlock/jam/outrage).

Developers, who control city hall (mayor and councilmembers) don't care about us being stuck in traffic density=they rely on it. If you build a big, giant mega-center; you need a lot of people to fill it.

And, it all adds up to added revenue for the city; which is a municipal corporation, by definition; and corporations only have best interest of the corporation, at hand.

So, the more cars jammed on the road; means more consumer-customers; to pull into the plaza. If you are a developer/city hall elected official=more cars on the road, the better.

Sadly, Garcetti IS winning; in his plan, "to make traffic gridlock, so bad; that people jump out of their cars and start taking mass transit." (Aka: "Smart Growth") And, it's not happening fast enough; so take away a car lane, by adding a bike lane. (I know, I know...we need more bike lanes; so people will start biking more.)

Except more and more people are NOT taking mass transit, in LA: Less are, as statistics reveal. And, it's just more and more cars, on the same roads and freeways. (And 405 expansion only made it worse for all the other non-expanded roads.)

Compare bike traffic to 405/101/10 traffic...your exit's traffic.

The bike lanes are being added to reduce a lane of vehicle traffic; with the specific goal and purpose of making traffic gridlock worse. MORE BIKE LANES!? Yeah, where they don't take away an auto lane on major roads.)

Traffic will continue to only get worse; and nothing we can do to reduce it...only prevent it from increasing/worsening. It's now to the point, that I was just told by the person driving me to a meeting, "That's it! No more meetings! I'm gonna stay in my damn neighborhood!" It really is diminishing return; based on the round trip traffic gridlock. Folks are now blowing off the recreation, too. Long-time locals can't take the level of 2017 traffic jams. 

Contributing Factor: L.A. is now populated with an international community; thanks to Uber and AirBnB, which allows people to move in; and get around, without as many set-up strings, of the past.

No drivers license needed. Don't need first and last month rent/deposit/lease for an apartment. 

And, with terrorism taking over the rest of the world; L.A. is the new harbor, to escape to, if they are the lucky ones from their communities. 

We are seeing the result of these conveniences, in easy LA set-ups -- on the roads, in the form of traffic gridlock.

If Measure S passes, with, "yes," votes; I do believe it will be a start in preventing additional traffic gridlock; though I also believe that added travel times; or just not taking the trip, at all; is now part of L.A. reality -- it ain't going away; and there's nothing we can really do about it, except, "Yes On S," to start.

So, let's focus on the other Top 2 issue, for 2017, on this countdown: Homelessness.

And, like traffic; I believe this is an issue that will be increasing, not reducing, just because city hall and residents want it to go away.

And, to go one step further; I cannot even believe this isn't the only issue being discusses by Mayor Garcetti and City Council and the city, at large. It's true madness: Continuing with Sea Breeze projects; and more and more upscale, luxury there aren't more and more tent encampments, all along the city; in places we've never seen in the history of Los Angeles. Move the homeless (and people living in homes/apartments in the way of their vision/profits) out of the way,for the next Caruso or Soboroff project. (Get out of the way, you regular constituents!)

But, there are steps that can be taken to start the ball rolling, toward reducing homelessness.

First of all, vote yes on Measure S, because if Measure S does NOT pass; expect a wave of evictions to hit, like we've never seen; as the #Garcettification of LA (steam) rolls on; unfettered with a defeat of S; and a five and a half year term, without concern of re-election.

(Yes, this one mayoral term is five and a half years, instead of four...and he'll probably run for higher office, before it's all done, anyway.)

Secondly, if Measure S passes; Planning Committee needs to allow a variance of the industrial zoning ordinance; that prevents homes from being built in these zone; to be allow for temporary, portable, pre-built homes; that don't require construction; and can be removed, easily; as a pilot/test program.

These affordable, portable, pre-built homes; made out of modified storage containers are the first idea we need to embrace. They are being used already, for homes and offices in cities like San Fransisco; and Long Beach port area has a food court, made from these units. (ZD VIDEO TOUR OF A UNIT:

The homeless proliferation on L.A. streets are about to take the city down. I truly believe the city is on the way down, into something we never imagined would happen to LOS class city.

We, The People, need to treat this as a crisis; and have a municipal intervention; because Promises/Malibu doesn't have a #DeveloperMoney addiction wing.

I am being literal when I say, city council needs to stop doing everything else; and start doing 100% homeless reduction measures.

WAY TO GO GARCETTI! YOU OWN THIS as councilmember/council president/mayor. You defended every move made by city hall, the entire time; that brought us to out of control expenses; traffic gridlock and a declared homeless emergency. Isn't Mr. Rhodes Scholar textbook guy a genius!? WOW, didn't HIS plan work out for you and everyone you know!?

And, the only problem is we don't have enough of what he's been selling and delivering? And, we know it's all been a corrupt racket; of pay-to-play. And, they say he's gonna win re-election, without breaking a sweat; or a run-off.

If you put a frog in water and turn up the heat, slowly, until a boil, the frog doesn't jump out; and boils to death -- not that I'm saying that's what the people of L.A. (who don't  participate in local government) just let happen?

I know some people are unsure; and don't like a measure that goes as far as measure s (even though limited to two years; and allows for affordable housing to be built; as an exemption).

But, Garcetti, Council and the developers who run them; have proven they are out of control, corrupt, pay-to-play maniacs who can't stop themselves, like any addict.

There is an LA City election on March 7th: Make your voice heard, then; or please don't complain, anymore and accept what they are doing.

Phone/Text: 213.785.7272

ZD at #DWP/#LANCC (Jan 7, 2017)
Greetings, fellow constituents: We have between now, and March 07, 2017, to raise awareness, with the general public -- that there is indeed an election, coming up on March 7th. #ZumaDoggForMayor - #YesOnS


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