Saturday, January 28, 2017

Los Angeles Mayoral Election 2017 - David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg (Tweets - Links - Videos)

 VIDEO: @ZumaDogg's first 2017 #LAMayor campaign speech @ #DWP/#LANCC (Bootleg quality video, but good content)

ZD at #DWP/#LANCC (Jan 7, 2017)
Greetings, fellow constituents: We have between now, and March 07, 2017, to raise awareness, with the general public -- that there is indeed an election, coming up on March 7th. #ZumaDoggForMayor - #YesOnS

01.10.17: Zuma Dogg #LAMayor Article in @CityWatch - #YesOnS

01.13.17: Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Releases 14 Point Quality And Productivity Plan To Fix City Hall's Broken System

01.16.17: Zuma Dogg article in City Watch: Put the Brakes on LA’s ‘Sky’s the Limit’ Over-Development - #YesOnS

01.20.20: Zuma Dogg CityWatch Article: Korupt Koretz MUST Be Voted OUT for Community Betrayal on Caruso Pay-To-Play Project! - #YesOnS

01.27.17: Zuma Dogg on Top 2 issues for #LA 2017. ZD on prophet tip - #YesOnS

ALSO: LOS ANGELES ALERT - China Developers Planning Giant Skyscrapers for Downtown L.A. - China Destroyed American Jobs & Factories...L.A. Is Next! - #YesOnS

FUN way to discuss #LA City issues w Paul E. Amori!

"Legend"/KABC - "Heroic"/KRLA - "Crusader"/Mayor Garcetti - "An LA icon"/LA Weekly - "Stunned and amazed. We've never seen anything like him. Treasure."/LA Times - "Fabulous"/Tony Robbins - "Your, 'Interpreting Deming's 14 Points,' is well done."/Dr. Ed Deming. - "More Brilliant than Brietbart. Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, L.A. Council meetings presided over by Garcetti, who banned video cameras. Mr. Dogg prevailed against Garcetti, and now any member of the public may record the meetings, thanks to him." - LA Weekly

Read what media, business authors and elected officials say about ZD

Zuma Dogg will implement, "The 14 Points of Quality & Productivity," on Day One, at City Hall. READ the 14 Points, HERE! (Based on #Deming) See video. 

 declared a , so my #1 push, as  candidate are THESE affordable homes: Practically indestructible, easily transported and affordable. Each unit is built from new, top quality steel. Link to pictures of some models!   Video testimonials, here.

ZUMA DOGG: Comin' straight off the #Venice boardwalk. L.A.'s real-life, "Wayne's World" ("legendary, cable TV superstar/icon"); turned free-speech/political advocate; and WINNER in FEDERAL court vs City of Los Angeles, when L.A. City violated ZD's (and everyone elses') civil rights at Venice Beach boardwalk; and then at the council meetings, during public comment, while addressing these issues. (See "Public Comment" Videos)
VICTORY=MAYORAL CANDIDATE, MR. DOGG: FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of The Public. (Council never should have interrupted, cut off, or ejected Dogg, in any of these incidents. Judge called it, "censorship, in violation of the law.)
  1. candidate @ZumaDogg rings triple alarm on tent encampments in LA: Better become City Hall's #1 FOCUS! 
  2. My favorite part of running for : Get to speak/answer questions at SEIU forum, today. Gonna talk Q&P w 's #1 asset=city workers!
  3. My 14 point operation manual for =All solutions for city fraud/waste/abuse contained within: 
  4. My #1 qualification for . "Your, 'Interpreting Deming's 14 Points,' is well done. I appreciate it, very much." - Dr. Ed Deming to ZD
  5. A LOT of knowledgeable residents, in , who I am not referring to; but, of the 10 people on ballot=I'm THE only hope to save .
  6. I didn't have to be mayor to have done more for free speech/1st Amendment rights in , than anyone in history. Imagine if I WAS mayor.
  7. : This video needs to be seen by people across ! They don't know how bad is, on everyday streets.
  8. : candidate, @ZumaDogg, on necessity of Quality & Productivity to reduce fraud/waste/abuse. Please watch!
    1. You could LIVE for a whole year; what (fake cop) @Mitch_Englander's office pays out in sexual harassment lawsuits. It's all a joke to Mitch.
    2. Don't be fooled by @HerbJWesson fake charm=He's a straight up liar, thug=shakes folks down for bribes; and kicks elderly/poor outta homes.
    3. The fatal flaw with @MikeBonin: He's a nice guy; but spineless. He can't take a position against big money; cause he's a sell out coward.
    4. # @MikeBonin needs to be voted out. He's zero leadership; cause he has no spine/caves to $. BONIN IS UNSAFE FOR VENICE!
    5. Look how HAPPY@RickCaruso looks after paying off city hall; as council approves his giant luxury tower. ! 

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