Monday, March 13, 2017

VENICE BEACH COMMUNITY ALERT: Snap (Aka: Snapchat) Leasing Residential Housing For Their Corporate Office Use -- As Their Armed Security Thugs Locals On Public Streets

#VENICE LOCALS: Word on the street is that Snap Corporation (Snapchat) has their armed security guards, pretending they are LAPD and telling residents, where to go and what to, "You have to leave, move along..."

If a Barney Fyfe, douchebag #Snap security guard, who is not LAPD, tries to tell you where to go, record them with your device cam -- and tell them where to go! (Back on their private property.)

And, L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin and LAPD Chief Beck need to notify Snap, to notify their security to stay on Snap property -- and do not patrol and enforce public streets.

And, just so everyone knows...if a security guard harrassess/encroaches/threatens a member of the public --- then, it's just two people, mano y mano, on the street -- and you have the right to defend yourself...including if you are a mob of protestors, legally protesting at Market Street, at Snap offices, where this is an issue. 

Unless you set foot on private property, being enforced by Snap security, they are nothing more than any other wacko, on Venice streets, trying to get in your business. They have ZERO AUTHORITY OVER YOU -- IF YOU ARE ON CITY SIDEWALK/STREETS/BOARDWALK.

Again, if a security guard gets in someone's business, in a threating way...the person (or persons) may decide there's a need to defend one's self (or selves), against the security careful, out there, Snap security! 

Zuma Dogg knows when a tipping point is close. And, you haven't seen a bunch of crazy, pissed off, Vencie locals protest. None of this sissy DTLA bullshit. 

Venice locals will NOT lose street and sidewalk access to a Wall Street corporation. 

But, if this happens, to you, just tell the guard, "Security guards are not LAPD; and stop enforcing city streets. Go back on your private property. I am calling the police and telling them you are harassing people on city streets." (See video: Security knows this and will go back on their property, cause they don't want to get fired; unless you have a rouge security guard, in which case, you need to call the police.)

Plus, Snap is leasing residential housing for corporate office use. (It creates a housing shortage for non-Wall Street corporation/real people/residents. And all we hear Councilmember Mike Bonin and his pro-development mafia say -- is that there is a shortage of housing, in Venice.) 

This use of residential property is illegal; and it will be stopped; and then they will have to leave. Venice boardwalk was not designed to be corporate headquarters for a Wall Street corporation, which is why it isn't working out.
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