Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Way More Traffic on LA Daily Blog Than Zuma Times So I Better Post A Link Here

Still getting more views over on the LA Daily Blog than Zuma Times, so here's what you may not have seen over there:

Zuma Times - The Daily Blog of Zuma Dogg

Sponsor Zuma Dogg's Public Comment at City Council Meeting on Wednesday
For one dollar, you can sponsor five thousand homeless children in some overseas nation. And for one PayPal donation, you can sponsor Zuma Dogg for one meeting at City Hall. I don't think I have missed a Los Angeles City Council meeting this year in 2009, yet; and I don't…
You Do Not Stimulate The Economy By FInding Reasons To "CREATE JOBS" -- Jobs are created through innovative products and services
Oh no...here we go again. Zuma Dogg is going to have to sit here and listen to Barack Obama and Antonio Villaraigosa sit here and talk about the need to "create jobs" and start projects that "create jobs." Now, I know that Barack Obama is Mr. Bigshot President of the…
VIDEO: Zuma Dogg, Public Comment at Los Angeles City Council Meeting. (THE CROWD BREAK OUT INTO CHEERS!!!)
If you read this blog, from the past couple days, and especially this morning, I have no idea how I found myself in Los Angeles City Council Chambers this morning. No...I don't know how I do it. And if you could have seen me at 4am or 5am this morning,…
Zuma Dogg on "The Future of Los Angeles City and County" (Head For The Hills!)
There is a lot of speculation on the socio-economic status of Los Angeles City and County. Over the past several years, statistics show that the high-quality jobs have left the region and have been replaced by low-quality, unskilled positions. Jobs like manufacutring, financial and consulting industries. Reports have also shown…
Quite a Tuesday Rant By Zuma Dogg (Los Angeles City Council Meeting Recap and More)
Today was one of the biggest, "I told you so's" of all time for Zuma Dogg at the Los Angeles City Council meeting today: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF ZUMA DOGG'S PUBLIC COMMENT: First of all, after all of my hollering about REAP (Rent Escrow Account Program) and how this…
Oh no...it's another day already!
Oh man, I didn't even get done with yesterday and I woke up and it's another day, already? HOW DO YOU STOP THE DAYS FROM ROLLING ON SO QUICKLY? They are just rolling along, way too quickly. I know one thing, if you had ANY plans that included Zuma Dogg,…
Zuma Dogg Must Deal In Today's PRESENT, Not Future Bananas That People Seem To Like To Dangle In Front of Me
Sorry there is less and less political "bamboozle-busting" blogging that I usually like to focus on, and if you are a new Zuma Dogg blog reader from Twitter, please go to http://LADailyBlog.com and catch up on the archives over the past year. Although there has been overwhelming momentum on various…
It's become even more important that I get on a computer that can post a f*cking video which is something I haven't been able to do in quite some time. I AM REALLY GETTING RESENTFUL AND BITTER AND I HAVEN'T BEEN IN THIS PLACE FOR MANY MANY MOONS.
Zuma Dogg Sunday March 22, 2009 Update: Don't Even Bother Reading, Nothing Substantive
Some of the big LA City Hall activist issues that Zuma Dogg is concerned about include the aging and inferior DWP infrastructure that will not be able to sustain one good heatwave this summer (although everyone thinks we should be focusing on "solar" when the current transformer system needs a…
City of Los Angeles Wants To Tax Medical Marijuana by the Ounce, Even Though You Cannot Tax Medication (Zuma Dogg offers the bitter pill solution)
THE CITY CANNOT TAX MEDICAL MARIJUANA BY THE OUNCE (EVEN THOUGH THEY WANT TO): Although even the more responsible medical marijuana dispensary operators agree that there needs to be regulation and even "taxes" if that will keep the city government from busting the co-ops, Zuma Dogg is here to notify…
VIDEO: Zuma Dogg "Public Comments" For Friday's Los Angeles City Council Meeting (3/20/09)
NEW: Click on the link and the embedded player will take you directly to Zuma Dogg's "Public Comment" on the item. Today was an ordinary meeting, but I felt very good about the delivery from Van Nuys chamber. Check out this typical day with good delivery on important issues. The…
The Days Are Popping Up Too Quickly For Zuma Dogg To Keep Up With: SINKING SHIP ALERT
9:00PM UPDATE: Thanks to the person who responded to this post by getting back to me sooner, than later on some things we have been discussing anyway. And for driving out to Agoura Hills to buy me dinner and gas money to talk about it in person. So the crisis…
Donate to Zuma Dogg Today via this blog post
If you can make a PayPal donation (with your PayPal account, or with a credit card if you don't have a PayPal account), today would be a most excellent day. Because I have some places to be today, that I am missing. And want to hit the Obama Town Hall…
Why Antonio Villaraigosa MUST NOT Become Governor of California (And other problems with the City of Los Angeles)
And here's a good one: I just called Janice Hahn's office to leave a message over an important issue (non-related to this Venice issue) and I was transfered to a voice mail, which is fine. EXCEPT: When I was connected to the voicemail, the outgoing message said, "Please do not…
Stabbing at Venice Beach Over The Problem That Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd Have Complained to Council ON THE RECORD About. (LAWSUIT ON THE WAY, Y'ALL!)
As you know, Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd entered City Hall chambers over a Venice Beach ordinance that went into effect over three years ago. The city continues to make changes that makes things worse. ZD and Matt have complained ON THE RECORD on TV 35 about the problems with…
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