Monday, June 15, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Zuma Dogg UNMASKED on KNBC News at Trutanich Victory Party (And Uses Opportunity To Slam Villargaiogosa, of course!)


Every now and then, an announcement comes out that they found a new Hendrix master; or unreleased The Beatles re-mastered track. Well today, a rare and unpublished video of L.A. iconic media and political figure known to the masses as "Zuma Dogg" was discovered on the historic ZumaCAM that may one day be on display at the Smithsonian Institute like Fonzie's jacket or Archie Bunker's chair.

The footage is of Zuma Dogg being interviewed by KNBC 4 News WITHOUT his trademark hat and glasses which protects his identity as a crime fighter (specializing in corruption and racketeering). Needless to say, he is busy with more work than he can handle.

Zuma was there to mingle with friends and enjoy the Trutanich victory party, and was not prepared to go on camera...when the reporter realized Zuma Dogg WAS INDEED in attendance (because segment producers asked if ZD was there, but the reporter did not recognize the icon without his trademark garb anymore than he would have recognized Batman when he is appearing at an event as Bruce Wayne).

But ZD did not want to disappoint, so even though I was there to enjoy myself, clearly not prepared or intending to have to address the city; I rose to the occasion and Spiderman showed up to the scene without his mask and appeared as Peter Parker. During this segment, it was earlier on in the evening when the race was a lot closer and a Trutanich victory was not assured, yet. (So ZD was confidently hedging, just in case.)

MEANWHILE...HA HA...The City of Los Angeles just watched me go from a big nobody into someone KNBC is looking for and seeking out for their City Attorney election night coverage. What do you expect...more people know me than you...and the ones who know us both, like me better than you. And thanks to Janice Hahn for being quiet and staying out of the frame as she was forced to watch the news reporter invite ZD up on the stage as she watched from below.

Here's the fun clip:

[Yes, I'm holding my own camera while doing the interview. Must have looked pretty ridiculous and hopefully hilarious on KNBC to viewers.]

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