Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Updates (Weekend Update Edition)

1. I hit some new all time lows this week. Taking a nap in a strip mall parking lot at 2pm on Sat afternoon being one of them. SINKING SHIP!

2. I was so tired today at 2pm, I took a nap in a strip mall parking lot off to the side. Wasn't near a park and couldn't go another second.

3. I posted an LA Media Personalities POLL on my blog http://LADailyBlog.comabout

4. BlogNetNews rankings for the week come out at 9pm. Expect to drop a lot from #2 spot cause I did more meetings and less blogging this week.

5. @sonyakeith said, "Saving you crumbs from dinner." Ha ha. You had a laugh on me. You say you are a homeless advocate and nice person? Hmm.


7. If you believed the bullshit people tell me on a daily basis, I'm going to be the most successful and wealthy person ever: But people lie.

8. After my most intense weeks of activism ever, I'm so hungry and tired it hurts. But people got to watch and enjoy, even though I am in pain.

9. I need someone to invest in me today. Nothing $50 wouldn't fix, but it's won't happen and I will sink hard. I wish someone helped me today.

10. I need someone to invest in me today on a few things. Nothing $50 wouldn't fix, but it's won't happen, I will sinkI am very bitter today.

11. After all the energy I put out this week attending the council meetings, blogging and's Saturday and I am broke and hungry.

12. goodnight, everybody!

13. On Tuesday, City Council may make a BIG legal mistake if they deny/ban ZD's public comment because he used the word "loser" on Friday. Hmm.

14. On Wednesday, City Council will make what I consider to be a BIG potential legal mistake when they will reject a Medi-Marijuana application.

15. There's a NEW Medical Marijuana co-op in Venice OPEN TIL 2AM, EVERY DAY!!! VERY CONVENIENT! Won't let THAT one be shut down by City Council.

16. CITY COUNCIL PREZ Eric Garcetti may hand Zuma Dogg a 1st Amendment lawsuit on sliver platter. I'm banned for saying, "losers." Not illlegal.

17. LA Times is out to "get" Bill Rosendahl. They have turned on him because he is outspoken against the machine issues sometimes. GO BILL!

18. ZUMA DOGG's FREE SPEECH BANNED BY L.A. CITY COUNCIL: 1st Amendment under attack: ZD banned from public comment:

19. Hello, hello, there anybody out there?

20. Rocket Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, burnin' out his fuse up here alone.

21. NEW: Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT video from Wed City Council meeting and new Med-Marijuana post at

22. Goodnight, everybody.

23. L.A.City Medical MARIJUANA Dispensaries: MASSIVE post by Zuma Dogg on topic, just posted at

24. The word "BANKRUPTCY" appeared on today's Los Angeles City Council agenda. They want to protest rules that would tighten ability to decalre.

25. If L.A. City would like to know methods for "regulating" (stopping) the operation of illegal mariju co-ops, call me. I'll tell you the ways.

26. City should require Marijuana dispensary operators to go through a compliance training program. It's not a candy shop, Many don't know laws.

27. Interesting LAPD wrote up a co-op in Woodland Hills for problems, just as it was up for hardship exemption vote. Guess they needed a reason.

28. L.A. City Marijuana Solution: Approve ALL co-ops already open and compliant. Market forces will shut those in areas with too many/no demand.

29. A Councilmember told me they plan to reject ALL Medi-Marijuana hardship cases. Cannot blanket "no" ALL cases. Admission is LEGAL HOT WATER!

30. Still Downtown after the Council meeting. Working on learning more about Medical Marijuana dispensary issue. Will blog later today.

31. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries on the agenda today at city council. I'll blog up a report. Check my blog later.

32. @jimalger Just stepped off Zuma Force One (the bus), and will be at the council meeting manana for public comment. Goodnight, everybody!

33. L.A.Council considers burst of developments before Weiss leaves office: They COULD & SHOULD vote "NO" on some of these.

34. MEDICAL MARIJUANA on City Council agenda Tuesday. They can't do much about all the co-ops, Move to LA. You can get it in stores with a card.

35. Developer Rick Caruso, who proposed an 8-story building on Burton Way/La Cienega held an April fundraiser for Weiss at his home. SAY NO!

36. New Post About L.A. City Medical Marijuana Dispensary Policy at Get ready for Los Amsterdam. They are powerless.

37. Oh no, I woke up today! I was so comfortable and peaceful while sleeping. NOW WHAT? I can't afford to operate Zuma Dogg today. OUCH!

38. Goodnight, everybody! 95.5, PLJ!

39. Hey Villaraiogsa. You have to fire 1000s of people. I know the first 12. The tenured dead weight in City Attorney's office. Start with "A."

40. Want to make HBO reality show about Rocky Delgadilldo's tenured losers in the City Attorney's office: Deadwood! HBO said the name was taken.

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