Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zuma Dogg Warning To Barack Obama Over Villaraigosa & Council's Spending of Stimulus Money (Not Stimulating!)

Don't be a crybaby-loser.

I know I said I was retiring from L.A. Daily Blog and not posting here less than 48 hours ago, but with all this stuff about Obama not being happy about Villar's use of the Fed stimulus money and possible indictments that may fall in August/Sept based on the popped pension executive who is singing, "Antonio's Song" the guy in "Airplane" said, "Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue"; Zuma Dogg has to say, "Looks like I picked the wrong week to retire from L.A. Daily Blog.

BUT, I still HAVE retired from this blog, because be these recent blog posts below are from ""

See, when I ran for mayor, that turned me into a politician, so when I say I have retired from LA Daily Blog, and I pop up on another blog the same day, then re-post it here claiming it's not really posting here, WELL THAT MEANS I FINALLY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE MAYOR OF THIS CITY!

LA Daily Blog has become very narrowly focused (in a good way) on hardcore fraud, waste and abuse and the readership has gotten so big, it's too high a wire and too big a platform than maybe I want right now. (Sometimes the Stones like to play "The Wiltern" sized gigs instead of stadiums.)

AND Zuma Times blog gets about 4 times less hits than L.A. Daily Blog, and I feel I can lighten up and expand the focus of my blogging and post more personal issues and stories that didn't fit on LA Daily Blog, and I don't want to change the focus of this blog with nutty ZD stuff he may want to post.

And I wanted to put the 24 hour, round the clock ticker tape of fraud, waste and abuse on hold because it was overwhelming me to feel the compelling need to keep it updated constantly and I have pushed very hard in an obsessed, nutty, soul-sucking way. And the fact that I am dying on the streets all the while the posts are going to the top of the charts pissed me off in the kinda way that will cause Andy Kaufman to start reading Shakespear to the crowd at his comedy gig when he felt bitter and cranky at the crowd.

BUT, now, it is bugging me more, that with all this great stuff, it's not gonna be rockin' the BlogNetNews charts, and I can't measure how hot these stories really are and some people who could prevent further shadiness might not be tipped off, if they don't see it.

SO HERE ARE LINKS TO RECENT STORIES ON ZUMATIMES. BLOGSPOT.COM. But seriously, although I put these couple important stories together, I am indeed letting a lot of stuff just slide and let it go uncovered or let the other blogs cover it. But the stuff that REALLY Bugs me, that are important to me, will be covered on Zuma Times blog, and I'll re-post links to boost the readership here.

So think of this as the "reunion special" as opposed to "back to our regular programming."
AND REMEMBER TO CHECK ZUMA'S NewsWIRE for stories from other blogs and news sites. Stories I scanned at some level throughout the day.

County rings up $1.5 million for unused phones

Cost-cutting audit finds thousands of abandoned lines.

Los Angeles County government has more than 8,000 phones that never ring. The annual cost to taxpayers? At least $1.5 million and climbing.

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