Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Would Expect Villaraigosa To Fire A Handful of City Workers This Week To Send A Message To Unions (Give Back, or else)

WED 7AM UPDATE: Alright, I can release the info now. 15 LAX workers have been, or will be fired today or tomorrow. Not EAA related...but EXEMPT employees. It's all just a strong arm tactic by Villaraigosa to get the unions to take what they mayor is offering, even though that greedy, dummy messed it all up, himself. HEY OBAMA...I THOUGHT YOUR FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY MEANT FEDERALLY-FUNDED JOBS LIKE THESE LAX JOBS WEREN'T GOING TO BE LOSSED? Hey Obama...I warned you about Antonio. BETTER START PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO ZD, SON!

Yes, even though there should be plenty of money to prevent firings in certain departments (I thought the stimulus money was going to help prevent firing; even if it wasn't being used for HIRING), I wouldn't be surprised to see Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa fire a handful of city workers this week to help disprove his own comments that LA is a world class city, but more importantly, if the unions don't take those concessions, it will be a lot more than a handful next time, pal.

I can't even believe he would do this, cause it's not real, just a stunt...so hopefully he won't. But ZD has a sixth sense feeling that he will. Like Asia said, "Only Time Will Tell." Talk to you on Thursday about this more. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

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