Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zuma Dogg Activist Training Excersice: Watch This Video (Especially City Council Clowns Who Only TALK About Compassion)

After I read my "Marketing Warfare" books by Ries & Trout, and review Deming's 14 Points (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity), every morning before heading down to city hall for public comment, it's time to watch this video. Michael Jackson performing "Man in the Mirror" (ACAPELLA). This makes you feel SO GOOD in the way Michael delivers this vocal performance, and you have to watch it until the end to get the full benefit. I just watched it. And as a SERIOUS exercise for activists and council members, if tears aren't streaming down your face like a broken DWP water main...YOU ARE STILL NOTHING BUT A PHONY COMPASSION TALKER! (This is my version of "wax on...wax off.")

THEN, you are ready for one more video before you go to the council meeting...and here's the one that fires you up into action. BUT, you have to watch it 300 times before you can leave for the council meeting. (More "wax on...wax off," don't question Mr. Miyagi!) This song is about everything I just went through over the past three years.)

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