Sunday, January 24, 2010

LA Daily Blog READER MAIL & Sunday Update for 1.24.10

SHOWS OVER. It's 11am, and without food and beverages, ZD is already down for the count on this beautiful Sunday. Here are some reasons I wish I had the energy to keep pushing today. But I AM out of steam. Gonna go take a nap! (At least I can do that!)

LA DAILY BLOG=#2 on BNN STATEWIDE ranker, this week. (People are reading, but ZD can't eat.)


* Dear Zuma Dogg, I have been watching the LA City Council show on TV. I was hoping to find the name of some one on the show that might be able to listen to me and possibly give some much needed advice. You seem to be the only one on the show that knows what he's talking about.....What we have been forced to endure here would blow your mind.. I was hoping we could talk. You are the only person on the face of the earth that I have seen that truly knows what he is talking about........If you type my name in the search bar and click on "heros award" you will find my son and I .......we were recently honored by the city of los angeles for tackling an armed bank robber and taking away his uzi machine gun away after the bank guard was shot....If I cant find help we will be homeless......please call .......We need you....

* Zuma Dogg, We need you voice, your smarts, your cool. Rock on!

* I'd love to meet with you. What are you up to today?

I'm passing out from hunger and my cell phone charger broke, so my cell phone is out, so I can't call a friend to help me with food. Had a big day planned, but can't function without food. Gonna take a nap now, on this beautiful Sunday. If you are someone who is not broke and could easily afford to put $10 or $20 on your credit card, hit the paypal link please, so I can carry on today with the LIVE awareness raising blogfest.

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