Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please PayPal Zuma Dogg Today -- ANYTHING YOU CAN...PLEASE...HURRY!

It's that time people...PLEASE PAYPAL ANYTHING YOU CAN...ANYTHING...ANYTHING. You cannot tell me that EVERYONE reading this is as bad off and starving as I am. You can't tell me EVERYONE is as broke-ass and degenerate as me. NO ONE CAN DONATE FIVE OR TEN BUCKS WITHOUT MISSING IT? Man. Anyway, there goes the ZumaCAM LIVE feed for today, cause no LIVE FEED if I haven't been fed. And my cell charger is broke, so no cell phone today. So can't make any calls to help. Just STUCK and boiling to death. I just can't function at this point. If someone makes my day, I'll try and make yours and crank out LIVE content all day. I'll be back when I get some food in my system. I get real nervous when I'm broke and my phone doesn't work. ZD

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