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Zuma Dogg's "Rock & Rock Reflections & Zuma Dogg Show Recollections" (ALL NEW PICTURES & ZD BIOPIC TWEETS) PLUS, READ "KINGPIN" SCRIPT (Episode One)


Adam Sandler wearing ZD shirt in Xmas video message to Iraq t... on Twitpic
[PICTURED: Adam Sandler wears original Zuma Dogg T-shirt, for "spirit lifting" Holiday video message to troops in Iraq. He didn't wear that shirt, by accident. L.A. City told Zuma Dogg, he couldn't even DISPLAY the t-shirt on Venice Beach Boardwalk. An Iraq war veteran, recovering at home, called Zuma Dogg, in 2007 to tell him, "I'm recovering from Iraq. Just had Zuma Dogg 72-hour, YouTUBE marathon. Watched every video. Keep doing what you're doing! THAT'S what we're fighting for!" AGAIN, L.A. City said, "DO NOT DISPLAY ON THE BOARDWALK, OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!" Zuma Dogg says, "FUCK YOU, CITY HALL, YOU BUNCH OF WORSE THAN WORTHLESS, PUSSY-COWARDS...YOU COULDN'T GET A COMMENT LIKE THAT, IF YOU PAID FOR IT...CAUSE THEY WOULDN'T SAY IT FOR YOU...CAUSE UNLIKE YOU...THEY NEVER COMPROMISE THEIR FAITH OR DIGNITY!!! UNLIKE YOU WEAK COWARDLY-FUCKS!]

AND NOW...let's LIGHTEN the tone, with Zuma Dogg's "Rock & Roll Recollections" (Pre-City Hall Era). Forrest Gump has HIS stories...Zuma Dogg has HIS.
  • BON JOVI/MSG: ZD standing @ stage steps. LIGHTS OUT! BON JOVI BEHIND ZD! Tried to move! Ritchie put arm around ZD, so I could enjoy moment. 8 minutes ago
  • NEIL YOUNG BACKSTAGE: Earned right to be crankier than ZD. He held door open w/one hand, one foot out door. HATES signing OLD LPs! NEW ONLY! 12 minutes ago
  • KINGPINS DON'T STAY IN HOTELS! When ZD visited NYC, for wknd, slept in Whitney Houston's bed! NO, she wasn't there. ZD stayed in her condo. 15 minutes ago
  • WHEN ZD STROLLS DOWN AISLE into front row, center aisle, (Sec 2, seat A1) at last minute (cause you are backstage with the group/artist/managers), at a STADIUM SHOW, people look and, "wonder who THAT is, to get THAT seat? Must know the band." Kind of. Don't worry about it. Just don't get too close...I LIKE TO PLAY AIR DRUMS!
  • EVER Have songwriter/guitarist for group selling over 25 million LPs, invite you to his house, to play UNRELEASED MATERIAL? BEYOND COOL! ;) 23 minutes ago
  • R&R LEGEND PHOTO ALERT: HERE'S 1, can almost ASSURE you've never seen, cause I'm just posting it, now! Page/DeLeo! 26 minutes ago
  • R&R LEGEND PHOTO ALERT: HERE'S 1, can almost ASSURE ... on Twitpic
  • [PICTURED: Sorry, Dean...HAD TO POST IT! (Don't make fun of him...even if you sold over 25 million albums, sold out arenas across the world and were SECOND greatest guitarist in the world (r/Dean), you'd STILL get all "giddy," taking a picture, like this. And all ZD can say is, "Jimmy, you smoke nothing but the BEST, Y'ALL!" (ZD didn't hit/only smelled it!)
  • WHEN ROLLING STONES "STEEL WHEELS" TOUR rolled into Washington, D.C., the manager pulled Mick & Keith through the backstage crowd (ALL VIPS!), to meet ZD...FIRST, before ANY AND ALL ELSE IN WASHINGTON, D.C.! IN their backstage dressing room/lounge. Pool tables, dart boards, etc. Had an entire conversation with Keith. Only problem: I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD HE SAID. I just kept listening, laughing and nodding. It kept the conversation going. All Mick could do, is complain to ZD how sick he was cause it was 90 degrees in Arizona, one day. Then 34 degrees, in the rain, in Minneapolis, the next night. (POOR STADIUM ROCK STAR!)
  • ZD'S FAVORITE PICTURE! CAPTURES ERA!: LOOK @ this pic, circa 200?, when ZD rolled in Westlake Village Mall/NOT even L.A. City! DAILY OCCURRENCE! But THIS is FLAVA! 34 minutes ago
  • ZD'S FAVE PIC: Pre-phonecam era: Day in life of PRE-CITY... on Twitpic
  • ZD'S FAVE PIC: Pre-phonecam era: Day in life of PRE-CITY HALL ZD! Westlake Village Mall. Mom drove cam over, ASAP! 37 minutes ago
  • Adam Sandler wearing ZD shirt in Xmas video message to Iraq troops. KINDA WELL KNOWN SHIRT L.A. BANNED @ Venice! 47 minutes ago
  • MALIBU LEGEND, ZUMADOGG @ Courteney Cox-Arquette's Malibu crib, for then hubby David's Birthday. ZD=SPECIAL GUEST! about an hour ago
  • PIC: Typical scenario=What it was like @R&R VIP events, tweeted below. ALL BOWED DOWN TO THE KINGPIN! (Even then!) about an hour ago
  • PIC: Typical scenario=What it was like @R&R VIP events, t... on Twitpic
  • [PICTURED: KINGPINS DON'T GET UP. If you want the picture, kiss the ring, first, then hurry up. Pictured: Some LOSER from Billboard mag (L), and POWER 106 Ric Cummings (what a DUMB LOSER (r). Ric told ZD (when I worked for him), ALL HIP HOP STATION was BAD IDEA! (When I said direction of his radio chain should be "HIP HOP!" Told ZD, "No Promotion!" Then turned POWER 106, ALL HIP HOP! Hi, Ric, you LOSER! It's DAVE ELLIOTT!]
  • IF YOU LIKE SINGER SEAL: You're WELCOME! At least for getting him signed to U.S. record deal with WB, based on ZD's airplay at Houston radio station. WAS FIRST IN U.S. to play import of obscure British artist, sitting in the forest meditating. (IT WORKED!) SEAL & WB paid PROPS to ZD with PRIVATE party with Seal. He hung out with me, at my office, all day. And years later, in NYC @ Beacon...all others waited backstage, till ZD and Seal were done catching up/taking pictures.
  • RICK DEES!: Nothing but GREAT things to say about him. ALWAYS TREATED ZD, GREAT!!! Took me to dinner at most expensive place in L.A. (Clapton was just leaving, we took his table.) AND, RICK hired ZD/ACTUALLY PAID HIM A PAYCHECK, to work for one of his side companies. THE GUY IS A BUSINESS MOGUL, besides radio host. THANKS, RICK! YOU'RE A SHINING SPIRIT! Which is why you are a LEGEND!
  • HOW YOU KNOW UR IN R&R BIZ "KINGPIN" CIRCLES: At dinner, someone has to leave IMMEDIATELY! BARBARA CALLED! (Streisand.) MORE FOOD FOR ZD! about an hour ago
  • In '89, KISS' Gene & Paul invited ZD to dinner to promote song, ZD wasn't playing on radio. I wouldn't commit. GENE PUT ZD IN HEADLOCK! LOL about an hour ago
  • YEAH, that's the cool thing to do, if you're a fellow superstar and you know me from personal life. Call me DAVE instead of ZD. I HATE THAT! about 2 hours ago
  • At private Stone Temple Pilots MTV concert, guitarist Dean DeLeo SHOUTED OUT ZD FROM STAGE, DURING SHOW. BUT...called me "Dave." WHY BOTHER? about 2 hours ago
  • Ever go to McCartney STADIUM show/wonder who that person is, who got that FRONT ROW, CENTER, AISLE SEAT, as he drips sweat on them? ZD/'93! about 2 hours ago
  • WHICH ONE AM I LYING ABOUT?: ZD dinner/cocktails or dressing room w/Whitney, Paul M, Tina, Elvis, Springsteen, Elton, Def Lep, Stones, KISS. about 2 hours ago
  • You'll read ZD's R&R RECOLLECTIONS, below & say, "Why'd you quit?" Eventually, you even get enough of that! Becomes BIZ CHORE! ZD CHOSE PCH! about 2 hours ago
  • When I mention the names in tweet below: Not just brief handshake. Cocktail Parties, Dinners, waiting w/them in dressing room, pre-show. about 2 hours ago
  • McCartney, Stones, Elton, Tina, Whitney, Mariah, Jovi, Leppard, KISS, Plant/Page, Order, G&R, Asmith, Springsteen, Eagles. ZD CHILLED W/ALL! about 2 hours ago
  • R&R INDUSTRY=KINGPIN'ish: If U tag along w/boss for McCartney VIP event (ZD=arms length from Paul), DON'T TALK=BOSS WILL KILL U! Just enjoy! about 2 hours ago
  • When I was backstage with Robert Plant, how you know your time with him is up. You hear CROWD ROAR and he says, "Oh sorry, I have to go." about 2 hours ago
  • When I met Elton John, he was ALREADY ON STEPS TO STAGE. Manager STOPPED HIM, TO MEET ZD! I met him as he was on stage steps. Crowd waited! about 2 hours ago
  • DIDN'T WANNA RUIN THE SURPRISE FOR ZD: When I asked Springsteen what he was gonna open w/on River Tour, said, "I don't know, yet." BULLSHIT! about 2 hours ago
  • GENIUS OF ZD: Day of Springsteen concert, ZD went to arena gym for public tour. Then walked into area for SPRINGSTEEN SOUNDCHECK! ZD ONLY!!! about 3 hours ago
  • Was at LED ZEP R&R induction @Waldorf/NYC. Smelled marijuana IN ROOM! Turn, JIMMY PAGE! Held out to ZD. Couldn't hit=BOSS WOULD'VE FIRED ME! about 3 hours ago
  • ZD, seated NEXT TO Tina Turner @ dinner (of 100+ people.) WAITER: DON'T LET HER COFFEE CUP DROP BELOW 3/4 LEVEL! SHE'LL CLAW YOUR EYES OUT! about 3 hours ago
  • MALIBU LEGEND, ZUMADOGG @ Courteney Cox-Arquette's Malib... on Twitpic
  • [PICTURED: Zuma Dogg at "C.C.'s" (as her close "Friends" call her.) ZD was special guest for then hubby David's birthday. I LOVED them...till I saw my segments in a TBS TV show the produced, AND USED SOMEONE ELSE TO RE-CREATE THEM! THANKS, COURTENEY! (She WAS a SHEER DELIGHT to ZD, though. Oh well. HOLLYWOOD FOLK! They're VACANT of CREATIVE TALENT (they read scripts, other people write.) Which is WHY they were BEYOND IN AWE OF ZD! Was told, "ZD is David's WHOLE WORLD!" Yeah...mine, too! Thanks for NADA, pal!]
  • Hangin w/Eagles, backstage, Mgmt wanted Glenn to edit song. ZD said, "Hotel Cali' was long. Glenn said, "YEAH, SEE!" Mgmt wanted to KILL me! about 3 hours ago
  • Was backstage @ private pre-reunion Eagles gig in '91. Glenn Frey liked what ZD was saying. Told his managers to be quiet to let me finish! about 3 hours ago
  • As PHIL COLLINS SCOLDED me w/finger in my face, manager said, "was YEARS before ZD arrived." Phil, "But I can tell he thinks it's funny!" less than a minute ago
  • After PHIL COLLINS scolded ZD preshow, I BOLTED/didn't wanna upset him. Manager calls me backstage, again. APOLOGY? NO=PHIL SCOLDED ME MORE! 3 minutes ago
  • Biggest ROCK A-HOLE=PHIL COLLINS. Shouted @ZD pre-show, over morning show stunt=ZD has NOTHING to do with. Pointed finger IN my face, too! 6 minutes ago
  • LED ZEP: Never thought what "No Quarter" meant. British term=No Vacancy. Kinda dumb topic for a song. ZD wouldn't write, "Tire low on air." about 3 hours ago
  • YES, it IS exciting when Zuma Dogg IS actually standing right there, in front of you. NO NEED TO TOUCH, please! AND DON'T YELL IT, so early! about 3 hours ago
  • Good morning from The Icon. Celebrating another day of triumphant, unprecedented, stunning achievement. It's starting to go to my head. about 4 hours ago
  • PIC: Zuma Dogg Presents "KINGPIN" (Sorpranos-like Show About L.A. City Hall)
  • PROMO PIC: "KINGPIN!" Sopranos-like TV show about &... on Twitpic[PICTURED: Promo pic for "KINGPIN!" by ZD. Click HERE for first script (Episode One), and link to FULL STORY IDEAS & CONCEPT.]
ZUMA DOGG: Stole headline from City Hall in LA Weekly story on Venice Beach boardwalk. (Called me for a quote, changed entire direction of article! SORRY, CITY COUNCIL OFFICE!: L.A. Weekly Article on NEW VENICE BEACH BOARDWALK LAWS and ZUMA DOGG'S TAKE (WILL SUE NEW ORDINANCE/CONTAINS FLAWS!)

DON'T WAKE A SLEEPING DOGG, OR I WILL, "WAVE TALE IN YOUR FACE!" Look at this LA Times article, from 2006/month ONE of "Zuma Dogg at City Hall." I NEVER EVEN SAW THIS "PAGE 2" on the net, till JUST TODAY, after all these years...on the weekend before my settlement talks with L.A. City Attorney's office, THIS MONDAY, SEPT 26th! DID I NOT WARN THEM???

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