Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zuma Dogg TV - 12/22/11: 2012 L.A. City Hall Preview - Hollywood MEGA-Project=MEGA-Shady, Venice Beach Bamboozle, FBI Probes Housing Non-Profit Dollars & "Herb Wesson BETTER Keep Bernard Parks PUT as Budget & Finance Chair," Says ZUMA DOGG!

CLEARLY PROVING, after five years of investigating L.A. City Hall (Aka: RICO-RACKETEERING MONEY LAUNDERING FACTORY), Zuma Dogg is the GREATEST Talk Show host in U.S. history.

Palm Beach may have Rush Limbaugh's EIB (Excellence In Broadcasting)...but Venice Beach has Zuma Dogg's LBB (Low Budget Broadcasting), but that doesn't mean it is not ALSO Excellent. I'd like to see anyone else sum it up and spit it out like this. There's a reason the L.A. media refers to me as a "legend, genius, prophet, hero, treasure, icon."

Upon watching this one-take, with no script or teleprompter, I can see why:

THIS VIDEO: CalPERS Update, MEGA-Hollywood Project=MEGA-Shady (All About Garcetti For Mayor), VENICE BEACH Boardwalk Bamboozle. Zuma Discusses What He Expects Regarding Enforcement. BUDGET CRISIS, FBI CITY HALL INVESTIGATION INTO L.A. Housing NON-PROFIT Money and HERB WESSON...Better keep Bernard Parks as Budget & Finance Chair.

ZUMA DOGG TV - 12/22/11 [2012 L.A. City Hall Preview]


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