Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L.A.City Clowncil Communists Bill Rosendahl & Richard Alarcon Want To Make "Greening Non-Profit Art Theaters" A Priority! (How about roads, parks, libraries, police, fire, trash removal, city attorney staff, accounting staff, ALL CITY SERVICES?) Making Theaters more "ECO-FRIENDLY" CAN WAIT, CLOWNS!

I THINK THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO FUNNEL THE MONEY AWAY FROM GENERAL CITY SERVICES -- AND HAND IT OVER TO NON-PROFITS, WHERE THEY HAND THE MONEY BACK TO THE POLITICIANS. HERE'S IS BILL ROSENDAHL'S BIG PRIORITY, TODAY, AT THE L.A. CITY CLOWNCIL MEETING: [As city lays off cops, fire, libarairans, park/recs, admin, city attorney prosecutors, can't repair streets, cant remove trash, but nonprofit theaters will strive to become more eco-friendly.] NOTES FROM CLOWNCIL DISCUSSION: Focuses on theaters. A certification program for theaters. A LANDMARK report was produced (la-dee-da!) on how to make art centers and theaters more ECO-Friendly. It will put L.A. on the map, regarding not only greeing, but cultural affairs. [Homer Simpson: WHOO HOOOO! PUTS L.A. ON THE MAP, FOR MAKING THEATERS MORE ECO-FRIENDLY!!!!] THE CAO IS CALLING FOR MORE BUDGET CUTS=CUTTING MORE POLICE/FIRE/STREET SERVICES! CAO SAYS, "NOT MUCH MORE TO CUT!" AND THIS IS YOUR FOCUS??? What about homeless, streets in disrepair, city attorney can't prosecute crime, accounting dept can't function, city coming to a grinding halt...Will ONE city job be saved? ONE agreed and paid service provided that you are NOT providing? Green art theaters? What about "house any homeless?" Richard Alarcon and Bill Rosendahl are being thanked for their leadership. I don't think I have EVER heard so much THIN, WEAK, BULLSHIT!!! I MEAN, ARE YOU KIDDING? IS THIS A PARODY? The ONLY hope for them is that NO ONE was watching on TV when they revealed this money shift out of the general fund, into THIS guise. #whycityisbroke! #whereisFBIforROSENDAHL? AND PS: HERB WESSON, YOU CRIMINAL PUSSY! YOU BETTER CHECK YO SELF, BEFORE I WRECK YOSELF! YOU FUCKED UP, SO BADLY, TODAY IN THE WAY YOU HANDLED PUBLIC COMMENT...I CALLED #FBI on #MICHAELBAI! EVERYTIME YOU FUCK UP, HERB -- I WILL TEACH YOU A NEW LESSON, PUNK! YOU AIN'T SHIT TO ME, YOU LITTLE PUSSY! AND I MEAN, "LITTLE!" AND YOU A PUSSY! YOU TAKE FROM KIDS, ELDERLY AND DISABLED AND GIVE IT TO YOUR MOBBED UP PALS! I GOT YOUR NUMBER HERB! And an LAPD cop, told me YOU sent LAPD away, when they showed up at your house for a DOMESTIC ABUSE CALL!!! ARE YOU A BAD ASS, HERB WESSON? DO I NEED TO BE CAREFUL? DO YOU REMEMBER YOU LAID HANDS ON ZUMA DOGG??? I BELIVE THE COP WHO TOLD ME THEY WERE CALLED TO YOUR HOUSE, FOR "DOMESTIC ABUSE?" Hope you weren't being abused, Herb?

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