Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zuma Dogg, Supportive "Warm & Fuzzy" Thoughts on Bill Rosendahl (Criminally Negligent Cloward/Clown+Coward) & Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich (A Mean, Angry, Dark, BULLY of a CLOWN!)

OH, you think because I don't have a cent, my blood is on fire, and it's not safe for me to be awake, let alone on the streets, is cause I wanna KILL myself. Maybe, it's because my schitzophrenic behavior, makes OTHER people want to kill me. AND, it's not good to be 145 lbs, at this point for me, so I could have a stroke, at any time, while trying to muddle through this day. SO YEA...LET THE DOGG BOIL TO DEATH...this is already SO UNCOMFORTABLE, JUST TO BE SURE makes you wish you didn't have to be. THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH TO FUCKING ENDURE, FROM THE TOP, AGAIN, EVERY DAY. And WHY do my thoughts always turn toward BILL ROSERNDAHL, YOU CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT, EMOTIONALLY WEAK, TAKE IT UP THE ASS FROM ANY DEVELOPER WITH A $5 CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR CAMPAIGN, SISSY-COWARD OF A, SON OF A BITCH! (And you told me about your family, history, Bill..and you ARE a son a bitch.) And you come form BAD FAMILY STOCK! They didn't want ANYTHING to do with ya, Bill, did they? LOSER! And now, BILL ROSENDAHL IS IN THE PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS OF DESTROYING LIVES! YOUR FAMILY WAS RIGHT, ABOUT YOU ROSENDAHL! You FUCKED in the head, LOSER! I know two kids who used to call me, "Uncle Zuma," cause I knew em both, since birth. THEY ARE IN FOSTER CARE NOW, BECAUSE OF YOUR ILLEGAL LAWS, THAT WERE FOUND TO BE ILLEGAL BY A FEDERAL COURT!!!! BUT THE KIDS ARE ALREADY IN FOSTER CARE -- AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS, WHO AREN'T TOO HAPPY ABOUT LOSING THEM, BECAUSE OF YOUR ILLEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL TRAMPLING, YOU COWARD IN A SUIT! YOU NEGLIGENTLY CRIMINAL PUSSY! AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO IT AGAIN, ON JAN 20th! LET ME REMIND YOU, ASS-CLOWN...ya better make sure LAPD removes the signs and displays on the EAST/RETAIL side of Venice Beach that takes up ONE-THIRD (1/3) OF THE BOARDWALK, YOU SAY GETS UNSAFE DUE TO OVERCROWDING! MAKE SURE YOU MOVE THE EAST CRAP OFF THE BOARDWALK, CLOWN!!!! I MEAN YOU DICKTANICH! You TOTAL LOSER! #ACE, #MMJ, COLLECTIVES, #ZD @ VENICE BEACH, #Hollywood Blvd Superheroes, #Screaming @ Cancer Patient/Mom, #AEG/Lewikie/NO DICE ON "CRIMINAL ASPECTS/EGG ON YOUR CLOWN MAKEUP, #Council has "no confidence" -- needs to hire OUTSIDE counsel (MR. BRILLIANT LEGAL MIND). ROSENDAHL & TRUTANICH: The Costello & Hardy of L.A. City Politics. (The TWO Stooges...CURLY & CURLY!)

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