Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Is L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Spending a BOTTOMLESS PIT on HIGH PRICED OUTSIDE COUNSEL To Run Up Costs on Zuma Dogg's WINNING FEDERAL DAMAGES CLAIM (Spend MILLIONS to drag out paying a FRACTION ZD Asked For To END IT ALL!!!]

Trutanich IS having the LAST LAUGH on Zuma Dogg, cause it IS making me BLOW GASKETS (as I have MANY TIMES as a gadfly on this type of issue) -- AND NOW, IT IS MY CASE CAUSING THE OUTRAGE: YES, I ADMIT...I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (Candidate for L.A. District Attorney) hired HIGH-PRICED OUTSIDE COUNSEL Meyers-Nave (of Community Redevelopment legal advice for municipalities, not the people) to rack up the hourly fees, which DRAIN the city coffers, when it is all gonna cost a WHOLE LOT MORE than ZD ever asked for as a settlement. Someone tweeted to say, the law firms contribute (and have others contribute) to the people's campaign (like a D.A. campaign) -- and the campaigner hires the firm in his current position. So it could cost MILLIONS to end up paying ZD a fraction of what he was asking. OR, a jury could look at his "disabled" diagnosis and history from State doctor and award MILLIONS. (Though plural isn't likely, but singular could be.) Either way, it ain't Trutanich's money bleeding the general fund with TOP-PRICED OUTSIDE COUNSEL OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST MUNICIPAL REPRESENTING LAW FIRMS IN THE COUNTRY vs ZD.'s going STRAIGHT to my SSI diagnosed disabled head!

ZumaDogg@JanPerry @DennisPZine@PaulKrekorian @BernardCParks: Did you read, "The Zuma Dogg Story?" A HEARTBREAKER. #jury
Mon Feb 13 - 11:18:20 pm
ZumaDogg@DennisPZine Did you KNOW #Trutanich hired Meyers-Nave to drag out ZD WINNING damage claim. How many MILLIONS to fight the fraction I asked?
Mon Feb 13 - 11:16:08 pm
ZumaDoggHOW IT WORKS ZD extends branch to give @Bill_Rosendahl/CityHall EZ out. YOU SAY "YES" THAT DAY! Don't give SSI bipolar guy, second thoughts.
Mon Feb 13 - 11:08:27 pm
ZumaDogg@BIll_Rosendahl I'm trying to give city EZ out on ZD. But thinking, why should I settle for fraction? Maybe I'll withdraw & go to Oct jury!
Mon Feb 13 - 11:06:19 pm
ZumaDoggI'm giving L.A. a CHANCE to sign ZD divorce papers. If it goes to jury for damage amount, ZD is now diagnosed "disabled" by State. MILLIONS?
Mon Feb 13 - 11:02:11 pm
ZumaDogg@JanPerry @PaulKrekorian@Paul_Koretz WHY does #Trutanich have Meyers-Nave attnys on WINNING ZD claim? Spending MILLIONS to delay fraction?
Mon Feb 13 - 10:53:27 pm
ZumaDogg@LATSteveLopez Remember ZD won Venice lawsuit in FED court? Trutanich LITERALLY has Meyers-Nave on his damage award. Their retainer is more!
Mon Feb 13 - 10:49:33 pm
ZumaDogg@JillStewart ZD must be BIG TIME City biz. #Trutanich has fighting my WINNING damage claim. A LOT to fight a fraction.
Mon Feb 13 - 10:45:14 pm
ZumaDogg@AustinBeutner: Heard of Meyers-Nave? Looks HIGH PRICED! Trutanich has 4 of their attnys dragging my WINNING claim. Millions for a fraction?
Mon Feb 13 - 10:40:54 pm
ZumaDogg@BIll_Rosendahl City should take time and drag out my WINNING damages claim w high-priced outside counsel. I HAVE MORE LAWSUITS. WHY WASTE?
Mon Feb 13 - 10:28:27 pm
ZumaDoggWOULD FEEL A LOT BETTER IF I COULD UNDERSTAND THE ECONOMICS: #Trutanich hires TOP PRICED outside counsel to drag out fraction of ZD damages.
Mon Feb 13 - 10:23:21 pm
ZumaDogg@JanPerry @PaulKrekorian@BernardCParks: #Trutanich has 4 outside attnys on damage claim I ALREADY WON. BIG city $ dragging out a fraction?
Mon Feb 13 - 10:21:21 pm
ZumaDogg@DragnetLA @Trutanich4DA hired FOUR outside counsel attorneys for ZD damages award. ZD ALREADY WON! HOW MUCH CITY $ TO DRAG OUT A FRACTION?
Mon Feb 13 - 10:17:58 pm
ZumaDoggNew Laws Regarding Charter Elections, Public Agency Contracts/Obligations & Posting of Public Meeting Notices
Mon Feb 13 - 10:04:19 pm
ZumaDoggWhy does TRUTANICH have FOUR outside counsel attorneys on my damage claim, for case I already won? Spending MILLIONS to drag out a fraction?

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