Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zuma Dogg To Make RARE Evening City Council Chamber Appearance for TONIGHT'S L.A. REDISTRICTING MEETING at 6:30pm [DETAILS HERE!]

[PICTURED: Zuma Dogg getting ready for redistricting mobs takeover attempt, tonight, inside L.A. City Council chambers. ZD to issue, "Citizens' Alert!"]

Tonight, at 6:30 PM (02/08/11), meet local icon and legendary municipal prophet, Zuma Dogg, at the L.A. Redistricting Meeting, at Los Angeles City Hall Money Laundering Facility, in City Council Chambers. (200 N. Spring Street.)

When City Hall police, at front check in desk ask for your name and ID, ABSOLUTELY SAY, "I am here to attend the redistricting meeting, and under the Brown Act, I am not required to provide my name or ID to you." [DON'T be a hostile "A-HOLE" about it. Just let them know, that YOU know. And they usually immediately rip you off a RED Visitor pass.]

If they follow-up, by insisting a second time, instead of agreeing with you, ask for the Supervisor. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR NAME! You are dealing with a redistricting meeting, that is trying to be overtaken but "mob factions," and it's not good to give them your info, unless you don't care. KEEP IT IN MIND!

Tonight is your chance to meet and chat with an actual living legend, in his home field setting. I am pushing to attend, as an added enticement to PLEASE ATTEND, TONIGHT! Like when Katy Perry shows up at Amoeba Records to help bring people in the door.


HERE'S THE VIDEO I'M WATCHING TO GET ME READY FOR THE MEETING. Hope to bust into chambers and onto the mic, like the all-time great Ian Gillan, in THIS version: Hope to get some words right, too:

 AND, once ZD offers a music video in the name of political activism, GOTTA ALSO ALWAYS INCLUDE "Badlands," by Bruce. The song that tonight's meeting is all about, and every city council meeting is all about, and the entire city hall is all about. It's what it's all about.

[The OFFICIAL Zuma Dogg Political Gadfly Anthem]

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