Friday, April 27, 2012

VIDEO EXHIBITS: Zuma Dogg Sings For Herb Wesson In Response To Wesson's DEFAMING Comments About Mr. Dogg's Singing Performance In Los Angeles Times

Zuma Dogg's attorney ($750/hr, at L.A. taxpayers expense, paid for out of L.A. City's general fund) submitted his damages report to L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's Office -- and more expensively, to the several outside counsel attorneys (also paid for out of the L.A. City general fund/same one for police/fire/street services/all city staff and operations) of Meyers-Nave, in preparation of a long jury trial, where a jury will decided HOW MUCH money the City of L.A. owes Zuma Dogg (and the 10 other Venice performers who BEAT TRUTANICH & L.A. CITY in FEDERAL COURT -- all ten of whom ALSO share the same $750/hr attorney) for damages, over the past six years. (NOT including Code of Conduct "Decorum" suit, that is still yet to be ruled upon, and may end up costing the city MUCH MORE in damages for DOGG and Matt DOWD.) 

You can see a bunch of videos that may be used as exhibits in this Federal matter at

AND, as I was reviewing further material to be included, I came across the L.A. Times article ("Zuma Dogg Wags Tale In Council's Face") -- where Herb Wesson said, "Zuma Dogg can't sing a lick." (Although he DID say, "We're [Council] stunned and amazed. We've never seen anything like him.")

PLUS, I am still experiencing emotional duress and loss of enjoyment of life, from the years I was not able to do what I do (sing), as prevented by illegal laws of L.A. City Hall, that were struck down in Federal court. 

This evening, I figured, as long as all I do is sit in my room and sing karaoke on the mic and amp I used to perform with at Venice Beach boardwalk, I may as well capture a moment, to be included in any upcoming damages lawsuit vs L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson, for his defamation of my character as a known singing performer (what I WAS known for BEFORE being FORCED to become a gadfly to FIGHT for my BASIC U.S. constitutional rights).

AND REMEMBER, DO NOT TRY THIS IN CITY OF LOS ANGELES!!! THIS MERE ACTIVITY GOT ME SURROUNDED BY LAPD, WHO THREATENED WITH ARREST, ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION! (I suggest you stick to retail sales or commercial real estate development, to be safe in your income rights and creative expression in L.A. Broke City.)


BONUS VIDEO: Need to re-record/re-mix, for official release, but funny enough, as is. Villaraigosa says, "Don't Look Back" in his 2012 State of City speech. Maybe it should be his DNC Chair theme song, the way Clinton used, "Don't Stop," for his forward looking campaign song.


BUT, HERE'S the one I REALLY like, if you haven't listened, yet. ZD singing Paul Stanley, while slipping in the Gene Simmons, in between...on a indelible classic, to all of the era:

[Where's the AM Talk radio bumper music airplay, y'all? Scott Shannon would have been ALL OVER this!]

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