Monday, June 25, 2012

Zuma Dogg ROCKS (3) Smashing Pumpkins Classics (Bullet with The Butterfly Wings & Today) KITCHEN KARAOKE by Former Venice Performing Legend

Didn't sing this one on the Venice boardwalk, cause I usually did softer songs, that come off better for passers-by -- and liked more uplifting songs, BUT, after my recent doctor exam, by L.A. City appointed forensic psyciatrist, regarding my damages claims; regarding Venice Beach boardwalk reminded me; THIS ONE used to be HUGE when I would perform it in Malibu, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks karaoke gigs. Here's a well-known, former Venice Beach peformer ROCKING the KITCHEN KARAOKE, and reliving the heyday. (Before some bitch-ass, greedy, politician ruined it all, for all.) And let's face it, this song ain't no accident, either.

BUT, I DID REMEMBER TO SING THIS ONE, TOO. ("Boardwalk Friendly," too.)

ENCORE!: My BEST karaoke memory, ever, was when ZD rocked this one at Malibu Inn, and the crowd (mostly college students) rushed the stage and lifted ZD into the air, as I continued to rock the crowd. I HAD MY MOMENTS, Y'ALL!!!

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