Saturday, August 25, 2012

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: "Herb Wesson & The FBI" [About Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson and his nefarious thug tactics.] YouTube & MP3 DOWNLOAD, HERE!

As my condition continues to progress (degenerate), and as I am stuck, STILL doing legal document bullshit regarding the FEDERAL LAWSUIT I ALREADY WON, a couple years ago (Oct 2010) -- when I get too cranky to sleep...I hop off the futon and do a little freestylin'. TONIGHT, HERB WESSON (L.A. CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT) who said, "You won fair and square, Zuma Dogg....blah, blah, blah..." And, he is such a temperamental/thug/hot-head, he must have forgotten he was on LIVE TV, when he said, "Don't be fooled by the suit," to me, this year. It's all part of the legal document, in the hands of the FEDERAL COURT. You'll be able to read all about it. HERE'S THE SONG, I COULDN'T PREVENT FROM RECORDING AND POSTING, TONIGHT. And, WOW, am I losing it....HUIZAR & GARCETTI ARE NEXT! (So much material on them, double-sided singles for each of them, like "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions.") I RECOGNIZE THAT I'M LOSING IT (WHO WOULD RECORD AND POST A SONG LIKE THIS, IN THE MIDDLE OF RECORDING UPLIFTING POP SONGS.) NOTE: Like Casper The Friendly Ghost, ZD is a friendly gangsta rapper. The "rat-ta-tat-tats" on this music track, when I say, "A lesson for Herb Wesson," is just a case of bad/coincidental timing/can't edit them out. "Going Gangsta on you," is reference to the style of rap song -- and "Rock The Vote" message. I'm gangsta...but not THAT gangsta. A gangsta of the mind and mouth, toward creating change and ejecting criminal elected officials of L.A. City Hall. Let's start with the Council President. FROM REAL LOS ANGELES TIMES STORY [APRIL 2012]: He (Wesson) and Zuma Dogg were both involved in spats with council members during Tuesday's meeting. One came during the public comment portion on an item about a business improvement district in downtown Los Angeles. When Wesson told Zuma Dogg to stay on the topic of the item at hand, ZD exploded in screams and shook his hand at the council president. "You can point at me all you want," Wesson told him. "Don't let this suit fool you." Wesson later said he regretted his comments. (HARD TIME CONTROLLER YOURSELF, HERB? Or, did you FORGET you were on LIVE TV?) I can imagine what people see when the cameras aren't rolling. YIKES! Link to L.A. Times article on hot-head/temperamental/threat by Los Angeles City Council President, HERB WESSON: THIS SONG BASED ON THIS REAL LIFE INCIDENT: ALSO ABOUT HERB WESSON & L.A. CITY CLOUNCIL: "Your Insanity (It Bothers Me)" [ROCK THE VOTE/ROCK THEIR BOAT SONG! NEXT VIDEO]

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