Monday, October 15, 2012

Zuma Dogg Tweets (On ZD's "RECOVERY from Insanity"/NOT Politics, Which CAUSED The RECOVERY!) ORIGINAL SONGS for #TonyRobbins #PromisesMalibu

ZumaDogg@TonyRobbins: Here is ORIGINAL Smooth R&B/Pop song called, "Welcome To Wealth Mastery (Miami)": "Human Nature" feel. :)
Mon Oct 15 - 7:02:15 pm
ZumaDoggONLY listen if you are an #NLP fan/student/know what that is. "NLP Show #1": Including "Welcome To @PromisesMalibu" song by ZD. #TalkShow RT
Mon Oct 15 - 5:48:22 pm
ZumaDoggNO=ZD is not an alcoholic in AA, but realize to be able to LIVE a life, I gotta #CHANGEnow, which I have. Feels good to feel good=Hope2Stay.
Mon Oct 15 - 4:04:42 pm
ZumaDoggThose AA guys say, "Once a cucumber turns into a pickle, can't go back to being a cucumber." 8hrs sleep won't make ZD=cucumber=Like AA guy.
Mon Oct 15 - 4:03:04 pm
ZumaDogg@PromisesMalibu Just recorded an original pop song, "Welcome To Promises Malibu." Original/licensed music=My new baby!
Mon Oct 15 - 3:51:18 pm
ZumaDoggI actually headed to City Council, FRIDAY to say, "Hello/Thanks" to #BillRosendahl on TV 35, but I got there, too late. Gonna try on Tues.
Mon Oct 15 - 3:03:31 pm
ZumaDoggToday IS best day of my life, cause I walked down the street=didn't get edgy over illegal signs/displays. Found joy in ALL PEOPLE around me.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:28:26 pm
ZumaDoggZD; why can't U watch mindless TV show? 3 words=TONIGHT AT ELEVEN. As in City Council did something. +, OVERALL vibe of cable consciousness.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:27:04 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: SOME may understand. NO TV/radio/news/ANY outside media for ZD. MUST live in self-contained/protected bubble like Church Lady. :)
Mon Oct 15 - 2:22:52 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Gotta get out of habit of being in hurry. For a guy on disability/work exemption, I sure do make habit of pushing to be all over.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:21:24 pm
ZumaDoggCampaignManagers/#PoliticalOperatives: Contact @ZumaDogg to buy/lease LACityElection, LAMayoralElection, LACityMayor, LACity2013. All .com.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:16:38 pm
ZumaDoggLACity Elections coming up=ZD has LACityElection(s), LAMayoralElection, LACityMayor, LACityNews, LACity2013. All .com. Contact to lease/buy.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:14:59 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY=TOUGHEST PART: I NEED to make a little extra money, have the ideas/creative desires=SSI disability keeps brakes on. Gotta be small.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:06:35 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: MAIN part of my recovery is accepting folks will ask me about council/city hall for YEARS to come & I have to be chill/deal w it.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:03:12 pm
ZumaDoggZD=Suffers from Bob Denver syndrome. After 6yrs of intense media coverage/TV, ZD linked to Council like Denver to Gilligan's Island/Skipper.
Mon Oct 15 - 2:02:08 pm
ZumaDoggBet Robert Plant wasn't too happy when his first solo album was released and EVERY question was, "Is Led Zeppelin gonna reunite?" ZD+COUNCIL
Mon Oct 15 - 2:00:29 pm
ZumaDoggA guy floatin in a parachute out of the sky landed RIGHT in front of me. Said, "ZD, What's new at Council." WE'RE LINKED=I GOTTA DEAL WITH.
Mon Oct 15 - 1:59:14 pm
ZumaDoggZD=Gotta STOP being #Scrooged of City, though Xmas=coming up. I took the bus, today, and had SO MUCH fun w the people. LA folks=nice folks.
Mon Oct 15 - 1:25:57 pm
ZumaDoggAs I've gone about my day, today, enjoying all the nice people in Los Angeles area, I REALLY have been missing out, by cutting myself off.
Mon Oct 15 - 1:24:48 pm
LACityNews News/Radio/TV is out!
Mon Oct 15 - 1:19:15 pm
NadineCarrierRT @ZumaDogg: LOVE my cover version of SamanthaSang/BarryGibb "Emotion." EVERYONE knows ZD sings like a woman AND Barry Gibb=PERFECT!
Mon Oct 15 - 1:15:08 pm
ZumaDoggMy name is Zuma Dogg, and I made a decision to re-enter society, as a member/not outsider. And to STAY a member, gonna have to work like AA.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:55:36 pm
ZumaDoggFeels MUCH better to walk past illegally posted signs/displays on sidewalk, than to be "Removal Guy." Glad I don't care, like everyone else.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:54:21 pm
ZumaDoggStill have ALL the issues w L.A. on 1st Amend violations/gadfly issues/community issues=But, I can't live (literally) w previous reactions.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:47:35 pm
ZumaDoggLOVE my cover version of SamanthaSang/BarryGibb "Emotion." EVERYONE knows ZD sings like a woman AND Barry Gibb=PERFECT!
Mon Oct 15 - 12:37:08 pm
ZumaDoggFYI: I don't have a phone, but am getting one, later, today. If you call, longer reply time than usual, but I'll get back 2 U, pretty soon.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:35:43 pm
ZumaDoggPart of my program to live a sane life=not trying to TWEET my way into a career/success. If u wanna check my stuff:
Mon Oct 15 - 12:30:32 pm
ZumaDoggI realized recently, when you can't even walk 50ft, w/out a psychotic episode=it's like an alcoholic. Will be living life in "program" mode.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:25:39 pm
ZumaDoggZD=larger than life image/seems like fun. But my disease ran too deep=became prisoner of true MANIAC/OUCH! Just glad I feel FREE of it, now.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:23:50 pm
ZumaDoggCity Hall/my neighborhood community had an insane/bad taste monster on their back in '12. SO DID ZD. HERE TO SAY, I THINK "all that's" over.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:17:48 pm
ZumaDoggLast week, I had an emotional revelation, over Rosendahl, and it popped the "bad taste/ugly" ZD demon within. Now living life as "AA" type.
Mon Oct 15 - 12:14:35 pm
ZumaDoggTHANK GOODNESS=another GOOD DAY for ZD recovery from gadflism disease. Best I've felt in YEARS, cause I am FREE of, but aware of "issues."
Mon Oct 15 - 12:13:17 pm
ZumaDoggPart of ZD's recovery (from insanity/madness)=making #finaltweet in 10pm hour, not round the clock hours. Thanks for being part of my day :)
Sun Oct 14 - 10:27:07 pm
ZumaDoggNICE!: ZD's cover of O'Jays, "Love Train" enters Soundclick chart at #5 of 14,316 songs. Out less than full day. CHART:
Sun Oct 14 - 10:03:40 pm
ZumaDogg@NadineCarrier Oh, thanks. Perfect=even better. Thanks for BeeGees cover comments. Folks sure do LOVE those guys.
Sun Oct 14 - 9:59:03 pm
ZumaDoggRT @NadineCarrier: @ZumaDogg No I didn't notice, I just saw that you covered Bee Gees songs quite good, and I like to follow artists and discover new music :p
Sun Oct 14 - 9:58:03 pm
NadineCarrier@ZumaDogg No I didn't notice, I just saw that you covered Bee Gees songs quite good, and I like to follow artists and discover new music :p
Sun Oct 14 - 9:56:07 pm
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