Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Bill Rosendal from L.A. Daily Blog & L.A. City News [Bill Sounds GREAT...(GREAT, GREAT!)


And L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has been a BIG topic of this blog, since it's inception in 2006, when the blog was created over the Venice Beach boardwalk issue, that turned @ZumaDogg into an L.A. City activist/blogger.

AND, 2012 was a HUGE keyword year for Rosie (as we affectionately call him, for short) -- with Mr. Dogg engulfed in a prolonged Federal legal battle, with the City, over issues concerning Mr. Rosendahl's district, he represents.

BUT, to being with, the Trutanich/City Hall machine is WAY out of control and beyond Bill's wishes, whatever they may be; for the record.

AND, you may have heard Bill had a "rough patch" past few months, from a body standpoint (though spirit was not affected.)

Christmas is always a time ZD thinks of Bill, cause though Mr. Dogg maintains the homelessness was due/caused by the L.A. City Hall ILLEGAL law, that WAS overturned in Federal Court (proving it was all illegal on City's part -- and a violation of very principal, upon which this country was founded;

it WAS 3 years ago (I think it was three years), that Mr. Dogg was at the council meeting, as gadfly, just before Council and the City closed for Holiday break. (Literally the last day.)

After a prolonged streak of homelessness, I was waiting final stretch, for apartment to be "readied" and waiting for the keys. AND, while at the meeting, I was contacted by the housing agency and told, "the keys are ready. Pick em up after the holiday break, on January 2nd."

OH NO...thought I was at the finish line, and was expecting to move in, that day; or the next day; and now they say AFTER THE HOLIDAYS!!!

I told Bill the bad news -- and his head hit the ceiling of council chambers, which isn't easy, cause it's a high ceiling.

He said, "Give me the phone." I handed him my phone, and Bill hit redial. The person picked up and Bill started shouting (like Zuma Dogg shouts), "Now WAIT A one is leaving for the holidays till this guy gets his key. It's sitting right there. The apartment is ready. The key is ready. You are there, right now. And you can't let this guy stay homeless, through the holidays."

It worked, and I had the keys before the office was gonna close, anyway. Guess it was just easier to say, "Come back after the holidays," when you ARE NOT homeless; like it ain't no big thing to stay homeless a couple more weeks, through cold/wet December. (Holidays, or otherwise.)

BILL UNDERSTOOD! He's a former social worker. And, I called Bill today, to wish him well; cause two years ago, ZD woke up on Christmas morning -- and hadn't eaten; and was FLIP-PING OUT on my blog and twitter. (Might have even left voice mails on Bill's cell phone, letting him know how BAD it was. I'm disabled, and when I don't eat, becomes BIG-BIG SAFETY ISSUE.)

Bill met me at the local shopping plaza, walking distance for ZD, and hooked me up with food money to get me through. Bill ain't one of the "richer" councilmembers. He's the Venice Beach, who BECAME councilmember. So he kinda felt the giving.

So, I guess I'm always gonna be thinking of Uncle Bill (Billy Boy) on Holidays, especially Christmas Eve/Day.

I let him know I remember all that; and that's how I think about him, these days.

And he was happy to hear that (you know Bill...he's like a happy puppy when he hears good spirt, reflected back.)

He told me about his 2012 good deed/miracle he helped someone with, this year, like he did for me, in the past. Some kid who was "using," and homeless -- and Bill helped guide him through the process of getting housing -- and begged some people to help this kid...and now it's been 67 days, clean and sober, in his new housing -- and doing well in school, now.

AND I DID HAVE THE THOUGHT AND SAID TO BILL, "That's a GREAT Councilmember story! Because you DID that, as Councilmember; but not as an agenda item. Other councilmembers don't do that kinda stuff." Bill reminded me, "once a social worker, always a social worker." And we complain about the previous (non) occupations the councilmembers (don't) have: Social worker is a GREAT background to have as a councilmember.

FINALLY, and the main reason I wanted to post this, for all to see...when I called Bill today (I expected to get voice mail and just leave a "Merry Christmas," message, but he picked up the phone); HE SOUNDED GREAT!!!! Last I saw/heard Bill, was in that video from the Council meeting, right after his treatment, and he sounds all scratchy and gravelly.

TODAY, IF YA HADN'T KNOWN HE JUST HAD THE BATTLE OF/FOR HIS LIFE -- YA NEVER WOULD'VE KNOWN. He sounded like the shining spirit, I wasn't sure if we'd hear, this holiday season.

I called Bill to leave a ZD's GOOD CHEER message, to let him know how I feel, to try to lift his spirits; and it was SUCH a "warm & fuzzy-fest," as it can get with Bill, he lifted my spirits, and, feels like Christmas for me!

Give a shout-out to @BillRosendahl on twitter, cause you KNOW he loves seeing HIS name on twitter, as much as @ZumaDogg loves seeing his. AND, ZD ain't a fool. Mr. Rosendahl is STILL an L.A. City Councilmember...and I just KNOW come January 3, 2013, he's gonna be back as Councilmember -- flappin around on TV 35, and saying ALL KINDS of stuff that sends ZD INTO MANIC FRENETIC FRENZY! (I'm unplugging my TV, now!)


I really put myself at risk, as an "artist" posting the link to this song, cause it's a demo, and the vocal mix isn't that good -- but it's ABOUT BILL ROSENDAHL -- and INSPIRED by Bill Rosendahl -- with  message that IS the Christmas message, and it wasn't written for Christmas. Click for auto-play of "If I Could Bring Anything Back" #EPIC --

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