Monday, June 24, 2013


  JUST TO MAKE YOU JEALOUS THAT I DON'T DO POLITICAL ACTIVISM POSTS, ANYMORE -- AND PUNISH YOU WITH NOTHING BUT MY SONG DEMOS=HERE'S THE BEST POST on LAUSD/iPads you will read. THESE TALK SHOW HOSTS ARE FOOLISH/IGNORANT/UN-RESEARCHED CLOWNS: @ZumaDogg on #LAUSD iPad Contract/Purchase: HERE IS THE #REAL, #1 ISSUE: The i-Pads are illegal to purchase with school construction bond money as they are equipment that will not last 10 years and it is illegal to pay educators with school construction bond money also according the the LeRoy Greene Act. ALSO: LAUSD claims these iPad devices are a #TechnicalUpgrade, as that is ALL this bond may be used for; in addition to the #UpgradeMustLast10Years+ requirement. A technical upgrade, under bond money conditions, would be for improvements that enhance the BUILDINGS. For example, to make an upgrade that would allow for a #StudentPerClassroom reduction, or make a wing that could be used, if upgraded; to be upgraded. NOT to give iPads to students. If the bond money could be used to buy text books; and you chose to buy iPads, instead; Zuma Dogg would look the other way; if not totally support. Cause iPad is NOT CONSTRUCTION upgrade; but upgrade of textbooks/learning tools. Additionally, if the student drops out or moves; does LAUSD re-claim the iPad? I don't know/doubt it. Remember a few years ago, when LAUSD LOST=COULD NOT FIND=DID NOT EVER FIND...$400 MILLION IN LAUSD computers? Hmmm...wonder if the plan was to let Tony Sopranos crew carry em out the back door? SOMEONE HAS/HAD EM, CAUSE THEY COULDN'T FIND EM. Wonder if we'll be reading about missing iPads. Seems like LAUSD isn't able to manage their own resources. I wonder if criminals/thugs/predators will be targeting LAUSD kids, knowing they got iPads in their backpacks? The Apple contract says they will replace 5% of the value of the contract, for iPads that are lost or break. Do you know how easily an iPad breaks, if you drop it? EASILY. It ain't designed like a Hasbro toy, for wear and tear and dropping. At this point, I should mention, I have blogged over the years how INSANELY RIDICULOUS it is, that the school systems still teach the online/computer generation, with a 1950's era/technology/BIG-HEAVY BOOKS. BUT, these are $600+ iPads (the extra cost, cause they are loaded with #EducationalSoftware, but NO ARGUMENT can be made, that these aren't WAY over-priced, no matter what. BUT, I am ALL FOR electronic/computer innovation for education. HOWEVER, the cost of replacement MUST be considered, because if LAUSD has to pay for every broke/stolen/lost iPad, beyond the 5% of the contract's value; it's gonna get REAL expensive. Plus, LAUSD will spend additional MILLIONS and MILLIONS (hundreds, I have to check the figure) -- in future years, with this iPad contract. As a side note, but noteworthy; LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy is an Apple stockholder and appears in the Apple promo video. Not sure how much stock he owns, and owning Apple stock is not uncommon; but when factored into this equation, makes me wonder, like Robert Plant. MORE TO COME, I'M ALMOST SURE. Wait for the audit in a few years. BUT, the MAIN THING IS: The i-Pads are illegal to purchase with school construction bond money as they are equipment that will not last 10 years  according the the LeRoy Greene Act.

COMMENT: Near_Chaos 10:47pm via Twitter
@ZumaDogg Don't ppl usually get big discounts when buying in bulk?
ZD REPLY: Not when it's shady, on purpose. 

If this LAUSD/iPad deal is ANYTHING other than, one iPad for every desk in the classroom; that stays IN the classroom; and remains #LAUSD property; and when the student leaves, it stays with the desk; THEN THIS IS SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT AND FUCKED UP AND SHADY!

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