Monday, July 15, 2013 (L.A. City News) URGENT ALERT: SAVE AMERICA from it's LEADERS!: ‪#‎ArtofWar‬ ‪#‎Politics‬ (‪#‎SunTzu‬) Applied To #TheWhiteHouse/#LosAngelesCityCouncil/#DemocraticParty At Large (A Criminal Enterprise?)

SAVE AMERICA from it's LEADERS!: ‪#‎ArtofWar‬ ‪#‎Politics‬ (‪#‎SunTzu‬): U.S. RESIDENTS who have not been ‪#‎brainwashed‬ by ‪#‎Democrat‬ ‪#‎Education‬ system -- and divisive/racism/classism/moronicism/socialism in a capitalist-based society; WHO ARE KINDA MIFFED that ‪#‎BarackObama‬ ‪#‎WhiteHouse‬ is ‪#‎overstepping‬ boundaries of ‪#‎Constitution‬/‪#‎Law‬ regarding ‪#‎SPYING‬ on ‪#‎ALL‬ ‪#‎AMERICANS‬ -- and ‪#‎TheWorld‬ abroad, THIS should be ‪#‎ThePeoples‬' ‪#‎Message‬: What ‪#‎REPUBLICANS‬ should be telling the yoof (‪#‎youth‬) Democrats (Same ZD message examples, as always. Just imagine ‪#‎RushLimbaugh‬ saying it!) This passage, based on L.A. City Council LAND GRAB story, below this update.

Hey Kids, who have blind faith in your Democratic elected officials. In Los Angeles, the Democratic City Council, of which all elected officials involved in this scheme, are a part of (Cali Democrats) -- took city property, that the community was expecting to help school kids/parking/community benefit, at large (see article) -- and leased it, behind the publics' back --- to a non-profit for $1 a year, for 50 years. At the community/public comment official meeting, this betrayal of public trust, was NEVER MENTIONED. The person in charge said they sent an email to the councilman, but got sick and couldn't attend the meeting, to notify the public. (AS CLOSED DOOR/UNDER THE TABLE AS IT GETS.) So you young Democrats put your home and faith in ‪#‎Obama‬ and his ‪#‎Democratic‬ ‪#‎regime‬, but you are mere puppets, to line up at the polls and vote for his regime, while he hands Solyndra executives BILLIONS. In Los Angeles, the Democrat-controlled council gave $50 million in community redevelopment money, not for your community benefit, but to a billionaire for his museum parking garage. Not even for the museum. Is that how YOU would have spent the money? How about State voter approved money for emergency shelter for homeless mothers, veterans and seniors...only to be given to one of America's largest developers for a commercial mall, with a tie in to Disney. Then, the homeless problem increases -- AND YOU DO NOT GET WHAT YOU VOTED FOR. AND THE FEDERAL MONEY FOR YOUR COMMUNITY, NEVER MAKES IT TO YOU. Look around? Are YOU feeling this economic recovery that sends ‪#‎WallStreet‬ SOARING? PEOPLE, they have THROWN you under the bus, and are moving back the lines of the Constitution and 1st Amendment; and you are losing rights, and the Democrats have insulated themselves from Justice, as they run the courts and judges and they are all on the same Democratic team. And, there has NEVER been LESS accountability/more fraud, and LESS justice, coming out of the Attorney General's Office, and the State and Superior Courts. The fix is in. They brainwashed you, for years, since you were a kid, through their socialist education system, designed to keep you meek and well behaved -- as they take it all away from you, with a cool smile -- and remember, it's the mean Republicans who hate you, who did it.

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