Thursday, August 22, 2013

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall (or something like that...)

I pushed to revamp my blog -- and notify the public, of their Federal victory, regarding free speech/public comment at the L.A. City Council meetings, based on an August 07, 2013 ruling that said council broke law in censorship of public; but apparently, it's not big deal, and not worth mention or feedback or spreading the word. I guess that wraps the outreach tour. Good luck with council on those issues you wanna speak out and be hear on, when you don't even know your rights -- then, let them be taken from you...and you accept and put up with it. Again, none of this worth mentioning, means council can continue breaking law and denying your rights, cause they feel no blow-back from the community (except for Zuma Dogg), but this is the Peoples' victory and that's plural. Bye, and again, good luck with council. I beat em on my issue, easily enough, and in Federal court. So, I guess I have to stop, there, at this point. I hope you enjoy some of my music videos and songs on this blog, from now on. #VoiceOfThePeople=SILENCED. I'll be at Santa Monica State Beach, just north of Venice Beach boardwalk. Look for when sidewalks get smooth=you are in Santa Monica!

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